Over 3 Million Sign Up for War Thunder Beta

Today, Gaijin Entertainment announced that the Open Beta sign ups for their self published title, War Thunder, has topped the 3 million mark. The game has grown rapidly since the Beta release on January 28th, 2013.

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skept3k1729d ago

It's a really amazing free 2 play game. It smokes World of Warplanes beta by miles and I imagine they will do just as good when they add tanks and ships.

You already get a good sense of how the full game will play. Most maps have around 30-60 AI tanks and ships.

Einhert1728d ago

The game is fantastic

I cannot wait to mop up PS4 players when they join the servers

MysticStrummer1728d ago

Is it going to have cross platform play?

Yesterday was the first I've heard of this game, but I'm definitely interested to give it a try.

I still hold out hope for a console version of X-Wing vs Tie Fighter.

Einhert1728d ago

Yeah cross platform play has been announced!