Lost in Regulation? - Nintendo not accepting Japanese Indie Applications for its Wii U eShop

Nintendo admits to not accepting applications from Japanese developers for its Wii U eShop service.

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lilbroRx1761d ago

Why is this important? I doubt this article is going to provide the reasoning and or any rationality behind this aside from showcasing it as something else negative that can be directed at Nintendo.

I will let Japan worry about how things work in Japan.

sentury1111761d ago

But if it was MS then you and many others probably would be trying to add gasoline.

Brucis1761d ago

Didn't someone already explain earlier that there's some weird rule in Japan that indies cannot self-publish and that this wasn't a purely Nintendo thing?

GenericNameHere1761d ago

Sony is Japanese. They were the first next-gen console to confirm that yes, indies will be highly supported, and yes, they will be able to self-publish. Nintendo is Japanese. This is the year 2013. Microsoft now allows self-publishing, and knows it is now 2013. Nintendo does not know it is 2013. They think it is still 2005-06.

lilbroRx1760d ago

See this right here is what I'm talking about. The news is being distorted already.

In "Japan" indies cannot self publish. It says it right in the title. They have been self publishing in the U.S. for a long time.

The news for Microsoft and Sony, however, is for the U.S. They are just now catching up to Nintendo in the U.S. Get your facts straight.

Nintendo simply doesn't brag about what it does the way Sony and Microsoft do. Nintendo does a lot of things that are opposite to the negative popular opinion such as the fact that they release mulitple new I.P. every, yet people still insist on them only releasing Mario and Zelda and saying that they should release new I.P.s instead which they have never ceased doing.

SAYGUH1761d ago

The only explanation I can think of is this, Nintendo has strict policies about localization regarding different cultures, religion, etc. They really need to get with the program & stop being so culturally sensitive...

MikeyDucati11761d ago

Ok. It's 2013. We should all know how Nintendo works by now.

Tito081761d ago

True, it's 2013, Nintendo should change the way they operate and get with the times by now.

MikeyDucati11761d ago

Ha, not Nintendo!! Nintendo does its own thing without any regards to anyone and their opinions. That's Nintendo for you. One of the things I respect about Nintendo.

TongkatAli1761d ago

Really ? I know they're badass, f those devs : D

Tito081760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

One of the things you respect about Nintendo? like what, enforcing copyrights on Let's Play videos on Youtube? Bans then unbans Super Smash Bros Melee, a twelve year old game at Evo 2013, and now this, not accepting Japanese indies? This clearly shows Nintendo doesn't know what they're doing. Of course like you said, it's 2013, not 1985, get with the times, not the past.

MadMen1761d ago

The Wii U is dead. Nintendo has many other talents, the Wii U is not one of them.

MikeyDucati11761d ago

They said the same thing about the first Xbox. It isn't over yet. A resurgence is possible. We shall see.

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