Modded Water-cooled Xbox 360 and Power Supply

Wolfe of the Onan's Disciples forums,
has posted pics detailing his modded xbox console. Added are a water cooling system made from aquarium pieces, blue led's and beefed up heatsink on the power supply.

He stated he performed this mod because his game kept freezing up. What else is there to do if you can't play Viva Pinata.

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whitesky3397d ago


unbelievable wut people do to make sure ther 3fixme's stay poppin rofl

Stryfeno13397d ago

Xbox 360 gets its own Pacemaker..LOL

Anyway, why waste your time and money when you can just send it back to MS.

Fishy Fingers3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

For the fun of it.

Now he just needs some nice programmer to make an overclock tool for it :)

7h3ultim8p003397d ago

No no. Needs dry ice, not water.

93313397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Some people do not realize that it is that bad on the Xbox 360 hardware front...even the new machines are crashing...but I have a machine that is about 2 years old...and it still you know why? I never turn it on much. I know if i bought GTA4 and played it all the way 2 year old Xbox 360...would not make it
....My PS3 has been [email protected] 24/7 for over a year...with no issues...and I would not be affraid to play all the way through GTA4 or MGS4 on that machine. why but 360 anyway? unreliable. with bluray built in+free online +MGS4+FF13+10 year machine u cant go wrong

No FanS Land3397d ago

I agree, man over the years with all my friends' Xbox's and myself experimenting 3red rings with someone else's console, I've now become some kind of afraid buying an Xbox. I know being a hardcore gamer, my machine would not last long so that's why I'm waiting for the Jasper model, or even vahlalla (if it comes out). When it's out, I'll consider buying an Xbox,not now. As for the water cooler, it's a BIT bulky, am I not right?

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The story is too old to be commented.