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Submitted by green 855d ago | opinion piece

Most anticipated racing games of 2013

Last year was a great year if you are a fan of driving games. It saw the release of titles like rFactor, Forza Horizon, Ridge Racer Unbounded, Need for Speed most Wanted and Test Drive Legends. The first half of this year has been a bit barren for driving games but with the launch of a new generation of consoles and return of some fan favourites to the current gen, the second half of 2013 promises to be one hell of a ride. (Assetto Corsa, Driveclub, Forza Motorsport 5, Gran Turismo 6, Need For Speed: Rivals, PC, PS3, PS4, RaceRoom Racing Experience, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ethomaz  +   855d ago
Well... you can say anything but the fact is that the most anticipated is GT6... bigger user base.
guitarded77  +   855d ago
Maybe... but anticipated doesn't necessarily mean sales. I'm pumped for GT6, but I'm anticipating seeing the next gen racers more so. I want to see what next gen racing games will look and feel like. But I'll definitely be clocking in on GT6 too.
TheKayle1  +   854d ago
u r a joke
ethomaz  +   854d ago
Why? Most anticipated is what most people are waiting the launch... I'm sure most people are waiting to play GT6 than any other racing game listed.

That's a fact and not a joke.
JokesOnYou  +   855d ago
"The best way to describe it is that the game is simply breath-taking to look at while running at a smooth 1080p/60fps. Realism was also a driving factor in the development of the game’s physics which are being ironed out with help from science and technology firm Calspan."

-Its Turn 10, love their work.
thekhurg  +   855d ago
I especially love how in the rear view mirror everything just vanishes in a flash.
theWB27  +   855d ago
Then you must've really loved driving in a car with a black square plastered on your screen and Polyphony tells us that's an interior view because this car wasn't important enough to receive premium development. They gave a Bugatti a black square for an interior view but spent six months modeling a 60's hippie van in it's full glory.

Or or this one...driving 200 mph into another car only to see a cat scratch and the sound "boop" in order to simulate collision.

Or or or my favorite one..waiting 5 years and receiving a game that wasn't even half way HD. They even released a prologue in order to support this half made mess.

But yes, lets complain about something disappearing in the rear view mirror of a game that isn't finished. : )
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Man-E-Faces  +   855d ago
''Or or or my favorite one..waiting 5 years and receiving a game that wasn't even half way HD. They even released a prologue in order to support this half made mess.''

And what does that say about Forza 4 that GT5 still manages to look better, funny that a stardard model in GT5 can look as good as a so called premium model in Forza 4 exterior wise, nevermind Forza 4 not having detailed cockpit interior's like the premiums have in GT5. Sure, It's more easier to have a somewhat detailed dashboard in every car when your studio is not required to accurately capture the interior of those individual cars, in GT5 the entire interior is modeled in premiums as shown in the replay mode something Forza can't show in it's replay mode since there's nothing there! If Forza is so great why in the hell does hardly anybody care for it, Forza is the Saint's Row to GTA a clone me too copy cat that struggles to sell over a few million without being bundled in during the holiday, hate bringing sales into this but if people felt GT5 was/is a poorly made game those same millions of people would be jumping ship to Forza 4, that doesn't seem to be the case does it, thus I do believe Forza 5 is Microsoft's last resort to make Forza relevant by rushing it out as a launch title, better enjoy 5 because this just might be the last Forza you get.
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Kurt Russell  +   854d ago
Playground did them proud with Horizon, that has was the most fun racer I personally played this gen (subjective I know people)... It just needed a little better net code for the online portion.
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6DEAD6END6  +   855d ago
I can't wait to see how Drive Club is shaping up at Gamescom.
thereapersson  +   855d ago
Thing is, Drive Club is more of an arcade-y Ridge Racer-type title. While Forza does have it's arcade-y bits, it's generally a simulator through and through. That said, I wish Namco would resurrect the Ridge Racer series. It's odd not having a new Ridge Racer to enjoy upon the launch of a new system, which is probably why I'm as excited as I am to play Drive Club. I will miss that classic Namco music, though.
Ju  +   855d ago
Haven't they announced a new Ridge Racer long ago which never released? Who knows, might as well just have been delayed for next gen.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   855d ago
I'm not really into racing games so I'm not commenting...oh wait.
CaptainYesterday  +   855d ago
I want them all! Damn my wallet hurts already there are so many games coming out that look so good! :)
for me its driveclub. Got a lot of potential and a lot to answer for. but Gamescom will tell all.
Man-E-Faces  +   855d ago
GT6 on PS3, and DriveClub on PS4, might pick up F1 too since I have skipped the past 2. Best of both worlds with a Sim and arcade, really don't see any next gen racer that's visually impressive right now wether it's Forza5 or DriveClub, GT7 will provide that leap were craving.
fsfsxii  +   855d ago
GT6 oh yeah. Screw high school
desertpunk86  +   855d ago
forza its the only racing game that matters.
FITgamer  +   855d ago
That's why it's also the best selling...oh wait.
Rob Hornecker  +   855d ago
All look VERY good,But wheres Project CARS????
TheKayle1  +   854d ago
forza and project cars...are the only two next gen racers

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