Battlefield 4 Battlelog Screenshots and Details

A batch of screens have been released showing off Battlelog's new Battlefield 4 capabilities running on smartphones, tablets, and the browser.

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elhebbo161374d ago

Will I be able to check battlelog in-game ?

Akuma2K1374d ago

Yes you will be able to to check it in game, check out the vid that was released.....

The_Sneauxman1374d ago

Dice is doing one heckuva job outshining any FPS competition they have! There is just so much more to do in Battlefield and now implementing todays technology to assist the game experience further just really blows my mind

Bluepowerzz1374d ago

no they need a clan system in game and proper comepetitive support they need to make the game take more skill to play its a shooter they need to make everyone competitive

The_Sneauxman1374d ago

This ain't no Socom unfortunately, but I agree with what you're saying.. Clan based games with a rockin community are a rarity

Akuma2K1374d ago

I'm sure DICE hasn't forgot about the clan system and support (clan wars are a big factor for multiplayer), my guess is that we'll hear more about it at gamescomm next month if not in september....IMO.

Tru_Blu1374d ago

Looks cool but they better have server side hit detection with all this going on. Can you imagine some dude in Brazil trying to stretch his 2Mbps connection with all the lag already on it across multiple devices.

Plagasx1374d ago

Still sucks that there is no IN GAME Server browser...

JetsFool35001374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Dice Said You Can Do That On The Battlelog App

Pandamobile1371d ago

Battlelog > Pretty much every server browser I've ever used in a game (save Source Engine's server browser, that still reigns supreme for me)