Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter now live

Rely On Horror: Precursor Games' second (third if you count their website's own proprietary crowdfunding) attempt at Kickstarting their sequel to the cult classic Eternal Darkness is now live. The updated KickStarter is asking for $750,000 and funding ends on August 23rd. The new asking price for this Kickstarter is significantly less than the 1.5 million (1.35 million on their first Kickstarter) that Precursor originally hoped to reach. With this new Kickstarter comes new information regarding which platforms the game will release on. It is revealedthat it will release on PC and the Wii U if funding is met, with a PlayStation 4 port as a new stretch goal.

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Mr-SellJack1760d ago

Dafaq?never knew Hayter was in this game aswell as franchise,will definately pledge even though i don't have a Wii U

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1760d ago

There trying to put it on PS4 too. Its already coming to pc though.

zeal0us1760d ago

Well regardless if Hayter is part of the project, as long as some people know that Dyack is part of the project they won't donate. Sucks that some people are that way but it's their money at the end of the day.

cleft51760d ago

I think that Dyack did a lot of damage control and the guy has apologized for being over zealous. I think most people will get that he is a decent guy who just wants to get on with his life. More importantly, I think the gaming press will be behind him this time around.

cleft51760d ago

The game looks great so far, I hope they make the Kickstarter goal and then some.

LJO19891760d ago

Still not going to give money to a company founded by a Pedophile and Dennis Dyack

PopRocks3591760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

While it's your money at the end of the day and you're free to do with it what you please, your reasoning for having resentment against this studio is nothing short of asinine and hateful.

Newsflash: Closet soon-to-be criminals work in public workplaces everywhere and all the time, whether you know it or not. The company is not responsible if they commit a crime while employed by them.

Furthermore, what is with this incessant hatred towards Dyack?

LJO19891760d ago

If you don't get the hatred for Dyack I suggest you(and anyone thinking of giving money to this kickstarter) look at his track record

cleft51760d ago

How dare Dyack be passionate about a game that he was releasing. The reality is that Dyack over promised with Two Human but he didn't lie or deceive anyone. He just couldn't deliver at the end of the day. If no one ever tried than they wouldn't fail, but we also wouldn't have all the advances in technology that we have right now. As for the alleged pedophile, they fire that guy and no company is responsible for the actions of their employees.

LJO19891760d ago

The Too Human thing is just one blot on his record there are a lot more issues with Dyack than just that.

phantomexe1760d ago

That be great if it hits the ps4 goal. wow in like and hour and a half it's at 26,000. It will slow down but i bet it makes it this time.

Alexious1760d ago

I'd really love to see this come to life. Eternal Darkness was amazing and unique.

BlackWolf1760d ago

Good to see them back. Hope this time it works out for them this time. The simply looks stunning, and I would be happy to play it once it's completed.

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