Phil Spencer: Cloud for multiplayer only modes is a mistake

Microsoft's Phil Spencer responds to user-sent questions about the Xbox One, providing the following defense for cloud processing (one of Xbox One's more-touted USPs).

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slimeybrainboy1791d ago

This is why the cloud is such BS. MS suggest the cloud will make graphical performance better and make up for any difference with PC, PS4, but then when they talk specifics its always BS tiny things like leaderboards and gamerscore than are enhanced by the cloud, things that are already possible and working fine.

Gildarts1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

That was an example.

Reading is fun.

MestreRothN4G1791d ago

Hence the "but then when they talk specifics".

I agree on the reading part, though.

JokesOnYou1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Slimey this was in response to this tweet:

Nice,next thing is to keep first party games(story modes)playable offline.
What Sony stated.
Keep Cloud for multiplayer modes only.

He responded to this statement that he believes limiting cloud use to only multiplayer is a mistake, which translates to them having broader plans for cloud use in sp games, yet you use this as an opportunity to say its BS cause they only want to use it for little things. huh? Am I missing something?

gaffyh1791d ago

What do you mean slimey? It's a direct link to the twitter conversation! The point is, that we all know the cloud is complete bullshit. Everything that they've said so far that the "Cloud" can do, can be done without the cloud right now.

slimeybrainboy1791d ago

What are you talking about? I read the article, I read the tweets. What point are you trying to make my dear friend.

shoddy1791d ago

When will people learn not to trust MS.

they smoke and mirror every chance they have.

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first1NFANTRY1791d ago

The "cloud" is all smoke and mirrors really until proven otherwise. I've learned to take everything Corporations say with a grain of salt.

TheFallenAngel1791d ago

Mark cerny already said that the cloud can't be used to make graphics better. He also said that the ps4 can do cloud computing.

IcicleTrepan1791d ago

The linked tweet says nothing about graphics, and MS has always said it would be used for asynchronous types of things such as AI or calculations for things that don't need to be done in real time. Indirectly that may free up resources that would impact graphical capabilities, but really we're just talking about offloading some percentage of CPU calculation to a server.

Gildarts1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Of course it can do cloud computing, Anything can do it.

You just need tons of servers. And you need code and tools that makes it all work easily.

Sony has none of that.

Microsoft spend 10 billion dollars on the cloud.
Sony can not dream of spending even 10% of that money.

Thomper1791d ago

enough of Mark Kerny!!!!!!!!

IcicleTrepan1791d ago

Those that call BS on what MS is trying to do don't really understand it and probably shouldn't be writing comments on it other than 'I don't understand'.

malokevi1791d ago

Whatever, you people are all talk. I'll take the talk of developers and engineers over a bunch of Sony fans.

I anticipate great things, from the cloud, from the Kinect, from the Xbox One. the tools are there, as much as you all seem to hate admitting it.

Gildarts1791d ago

It was an example of features that are already here that are not required, but will make single-player better just like the cloud is going to make single-player better.

creatchee1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )


Microsoft has NEVER stated that the cloud will make graphics better. Plenty of fans on both sides who are not Microsoft or developers have claimed that Microsoft says that though.

slimeybrainboy1791d ago

Notice I didn't say stated. I agree with you on stated. I say 'suggest'. They've said 'with the power of the cloud the xbox one may be the last console you ever need to buy' FACT. Now that doesnt state that graphics will be improved through the cloud, but you can't tell me that it's not suggested. That it's not a unreasonable to conclude from what they have said!

MS talked constantly about how 'the power of the cloud' (the name alone is ridiculous), is why always online was necessary!

They are constantly talking about the power of the cloud going forward, yet not one specific cloud task that isnt related to basic network and analytic data has been presented.

XabiDaChosenOne1790d ago
Wow, look what I found after a 4 second google search.
So we have two options here folks, creatcheet is either
A) Dishonest
B) Severly misinformed
I'll be lenient and go with B

kewlkat0071791d ago

Every now and then you find an illiterate dude on here...

slimeybrainboy1791d ago

They've said 'with the power of the cloud the xbox one may be the last console you ever need to buy' FACT. Now that doesn't state that graphics will be improved through the cloud, but you can't tell me that it's not suggested.

Sorry, J.K.Rowling does this sum my point up better.

nukeitall1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

What about massive learning algorithms for AI such as driveatar for Forza 5?

More realistic computer opponents, and not required to stay online.

You can make cloud dependent single player games that has a fall back when offline.

It's not that hard to understand is it?

I just keep hearing this mantra over and over. Do people really want to hold back progress?

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n4rc1791d ago

Omg. Yet another whiner who thinks ms should copy Sony..

Buy a damn ps4 then! They act like they don't want what Sony offers.. But need ms to do the same.. Then they'll be happy.. Right.. Lol

I'd like to point out a blatant fact here.. Sony is in dire financial troubles while ms makes billions and billions a year..

Looks like doing their own thing works well for them.. And Sony fans should stop worrying about ms and start supporting sony

Bennibop1791d ago

Sony has just reported there biggest profits in years and their stocks are on the up whilst Microsoft have just posted lower than forecast.

No_Limit1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )


Sony made a $458 million profit thanks to the help of the sales of buildings, one of which is its headquarters in New York.

In MS news, revenue rose 10 per cent to $19.9 billion, helped by sales of Microsoft's Office suite of applications, but fell short of analysts' average estimate of $20.7 billion.

So even in a less than expected estimate, a 10% gain in revenue and almost $20 billion is still outstanding.

lastofgen1791d ago

you do realize that those profits were made almost solely due to the sales of some of their large buildings, right??
And microsoft may not have beat the market's expectations on profits, but they did post a yoy rise of profits over last year during the same period- how is that bad??

lgn151790d ago

FUCKING WRONG. Last quarter was up 8%, not to mention an all time high stock closing price recently.

nukeitall1790d ago


Selling an investment (building) and turning it into an expense in a downturn market to post a profit isn't good and reeks of a company trying to gain in the short term.


I agree and is what I have been saying all along. If you want a PS4 get it, but don't turn my Xbox One into a PS4!

I like options, albeit I will get both. Now just need to find time to use it!

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TheFallenAngel1791d ago

Well ms have been copying Sony a lot lately.

n4rc1791d ago

I could make the argument that Sony has copied Microsoft in many ways..

Its give and take in any industry.. You learn from both success and failures of your competition.

And Sony sold a ton of assets to make 400m.. Ms made like 50b.

Its not really the point.. But I along with many others do not want 2 identical consoles..

If ps4 is your thing.. Voila! There is your choice..

If Xbox is your choice.. There you go

Wanting one to become the other is redundant and useless..

lgn151790d ago

I'm just hoping that with all that cash they take the opportunity to buy out oculus so in the future we can combine kinect with oculus. And then the future will be awesome.

AtomicGerbil1790d ago

Well there you go ladies and gentlemen, Microsoft have made the most money so were all going to use that information to convince ourselves that the Xbox One is the only console worth buying.

I'd rather wait and see what games and features a console will offer before rabidly throwing cash at it.

XabiDaChosenOne1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Microsofts OS division=/=Xbox division. While Microsoft as a whole is filthy rich, there Xbox divisions has lost 3 billion dollars in ten years.

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Kayant1791d ago

So we can just download the cloud :p like with the drivertars in Forza 5.

_LarZen_1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

I think most people are starting to understand by now that cloud tech will not make games more visual stunning.

But they can enhance even a singleplayer game. Let's take The Witcher 3 that is coming to next gen consoles.

It's a big living world and with cloud tech that world can live on and evolve even while you are not playing. So when you turn on you XBO again, everything is not as it was when you stopped playing.

Let's continue to play with the idea of The Witcher 3 using cloud tech.

Let's say that you could leave notes, carve hints on trees or rocks for people in your friends list. With the cloud this is uploaded and shared to every friend you have that have The Witcher 3.

It will automatically upload and download content, even when the XBO is turned of.

Let's take on a different scenario and a different game. Imagine playing Forza 5 and with the plans to upload AI to your game. A race offline will never be the same as the AI drivers are evolving and growing.

Imagine playing a FPS singleplayer game where all the enemy in the game is driven by AI downloaded from how other players play the game...suddenly a play trough of a game is never the same as the AI evolves and change.

These are some possibilities the cloud can do for gaming.

AtomicGerbil1790d ago

"The Cloud" is just PR jargon, what you have suggested has already been done to some degree, i.e. Tips in Demon Souls or independent AI racing in Gran Turismo 5.

My point is it's not new and consumers need to be aware that Microsoft are using it as a USP.

_LarZen_1790d ago

Yes this is stuff that has in some ways been done before. But never before have there been a so big push from a company to have developers start using and experimenting with new ways for it to benefit games.

I cant remember the number of servers MS is expanding with but it was a hole bunch of them. So developers should if MS pulls trough have the option to play around with it.

christocolus1791d ago

The funny thing is if sony does announce an ONLINE service like that of the xbox ones cloud, fanboys on this site would start talking about how evenly matched both consoles are in that regards and how awesome the ps4 cloud is over that of the xbox one. i realised the arrogance of many fan boys here has become like an infectious terminal sickness. smh. they will say and agree to anything just to bash the xbox one....

CEOSteveBallmer1791d ago

They bash because there really is something to bash MS. You think the past announcements and mistakes made by MS is forgiven? and Forgotten?? Well if you look back to early 2006-2007 comments section of N4G. you won't find sony supporters bashing the 360 because they are the minority. You will find "Plenty" of 360 fans overly bashing PS3 because it has no games, more expensive blu ray, media features not needed etc. Well look how times change. I say this is "Karma" to all those 360 fans

christocolus1791d ago

i get what you saying . so this fight has been going on for years? andthat makes it right? so even our kids will carry on? lol. years have passed, people grow up...

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