PS4 Release Date Should Come into Focus Soon

TheHDRoom: "Sony's PS4 release date has been a topic of much speculation since the console was first unveiled several months ago in New York City. With yesterday's news that PS4 bundles pre-orders at are back in stock, let's circle back around and try to determine the most logical PS4 release date that Sony's marketing arm is most likely to select."

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Wizziokid1607d ago

I'm going to go with Gamescom, that's when we will know

iamnsuperman1607d ago

I do agree with you but I can also see them trying to undercut Microsoft by a week or so and vice versa. We might not get a release date at Gamescom but a week later if they are going to do this.

inveni01606d ago

I almost don't think they'll make a huge announcement at a show like GC or TGS. It seems like they might just do a countdown-style announcement on social media. I hope it's bigger fanfare than that, but E3 is the big daddy. The other shows are so much smaller. Release date is a big deal. Deserves a big announcement.

nick3091607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Or at TGS.

Monkey5211607d ago

I think TGS is too close to the release time frame. They can do whatever they want, but I would announce a release date at Gamescom and then BLOW their minds at TGS with some last minute launch game title announcements.

The_Sneauxman1607d ago

They better not wait till TGS, I may crap a brick by then!

Minato-Namikaze1607d ago

I seriously think they have a time frame and are just waiting for MS to announce their date. They are gonna probably wanna launch same day......think of the foolishness in those midnight launch lines, lol.

The_Sneauxman1606d ago

ehh idk, if Sony released the same day as the Xbone, biblical prophecy of Armageddon would commence

bub161607d ago

I swear I read an article on Sony giving a release date at gamescom

lento1606d ago

Ya I do believe they will tell us soon.... Random thing I few days ago my ps4 order on the candian amazon just added " launch day addition" to my preordered ps4. Maybe it means something... Iunno just hopeful I guess.

STEWIE_PLAY_PS41606d ago

First ask SONY give me date XD

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Bennibop1607d ago

Sony stated they are releasing in the UK and US first as they are the most under threat of its markets, so I reckon last week in October for UK and US, and Jap plus parts of Europe in November.

6DEAD6END61607d ago

My guess is late Oct release, a launch right before Call of Duty: Ghost release.

Crystallis1607d ago

I was thinking the same thing but for BF4 which is releasing on Oct 29th.

Scatpants1606d ago

I am guessing the 29th for the PS4 also. Since Microsoft announced November they know the 29th will beat them to the market.

Roper3161607d ago

I'm gonna go with the date is announced at the TGS with a mid to late October release date.

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