PS4s & Xbox Ones Will 'Fly Out The Door' On Launch

NowGamer: "Recently we reported on an analyst who believed the Xbox One had the numbers advantage over the PS4 for launch and could outship it by 3 to 1.

Speaking with Strategy Analytics' director of digital media strategies Ed Barton, we found out that this might not actually be the case and Sony's PS4 could be the next-gen console with the advantage."

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PositiveEmotions1034d ago

I pre oreded mine at game stop so im good :)

TimmyShire1034d ago

Me too! (well, not GameStop, but I'm sorted for a console!)

PositiveEmotions1034d ago

Ima still play my ps3 of course because i still have allot of games that i wanna buy :)

HammadTheBeast1034d ago

I bought mine for $7000 on EBay.

Lwhit61033d ago

Amazon saved me by opening up their launch day edition pre-orders so I'm good too! Pre-ordered my ps4 yesterday.

PrivateRyan1034d ago

I'll get one eventually but not on launch. Too many PS3 and 360 games still to play

TimmyShire1034d ago

You've got better willpower than me! HA HA HA!

I'll be keeping on to my PS3 at least for a few months. We'll see what happens with Gaikai as to whether I keep it forever or get rid.

Crazay1034d ago

Got mine all pre-ordered. Multiple units from different retail outlets. I'm all set.

SegaSaturn6691034d ago

They'll be flying out my door via baseball bat if I see any in my home. I dont' need any more homeless people spying on me.

EazyC1034d ago

Grandpa, why don't you take off that tin-foil hat and I'll go get your sleeping pills?

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The story is too old to be commented.