Watch Ten Minutes of Total War: Rome II’s Map In Latest Gameplay Video

The Creative Assembly released a new gameplay video of the upcoming Total War: Rome II starring Game Designer Dominique Starr as he shows Community Coordinator Patricia Ryniak the faction selection screen of the game and a fair bit of the campaign map.

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ThanatosDMC1761d ago

I hope they optimize the engine first. Remember running Shogun 2 the first two months? Could barely run the damn thing until all those patches came out and I could finally have decent battles without freezing. I really hope it's optimized.

Abriael1761d ago

Those jaggies.... I still can't believe they launched without Antialiasing

ThanatosDMC1761d ago

Yup, the main menu was horrible. I thought i had my settings on low or something. It got worse in the battles when i try to zoom in.

Mr-SellJack1761d ago

i usually hate mmos but this game got me interested which is rare

Abriael1761d ago

This is a strategy game, not a MMO?

Mr-SellJack1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

eh...that means i hate every single mmo and love strategy games like xcom.I Mix them due to the camera angle