EA: We’re changing, honest

For two years in a row, EA has won the dubious honour of being voted the “Worst company in America,” because charging people for videogame guns and costumes is a far more heinous crime than repossessing people’s houses. Still, EA has taken it all to heart, and wants to change.

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ShugaCane1600d ago

I'll believe it when I'll see it. I won't activate my "Hating EA" mode, though, since I'm totally gonna buy Battlefield 4 , Battlefront, Mirror's Edge 2, Dragon Age 3, the next Mass Effect most probably. Damn...

snake_eater1600d ago

Have fun with the built in microtransactions

ziggurcat1600d ago

you mean the ones that don't matter since you get the items in-game anyway, so you can just ignore it all and not cry about it like a 3-year old?

HammockGames1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Microtransactions are a given w/ EA (like Zigg mentioned, I will never pay for 'em).

But I can absolutely picture EA execs whispering "my preeeeecious" to bags of cash.

ShabbaRanks1600d ago

Only Mirrors Edge2, battlefront and BF4 for me. May be the last BF game I get tho. Looks like a big upgrade from BF3, but It doesnt look that different lol

SignifiedSix911600d ago

If it doesn't look any different to you, you need your eyes checked, son.

RememberThe3571600d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth.

dark-hollow1600d ago

Love em or hate em. EA games for me I can't live without.

I won't boycott great games like BF4, battlefront, mirror edge 2 only because we hate EA as a company.

brish1600d ago

If people didn't buy products from companies that mistreated their customers then companies would either treat their customers right, or go bankrupt.

People who buy products from sleazy companies are financially supporting their sleazy behavior!

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byeGollum1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Master tricked us before, tricksy. Never again. False.

dc11600d ago

It is the greatest pic article association that I've seen on NG4 in a long time.

Blank1600d ago

I dont know why but reading the title and imagining EA saying it, brings more suspicion than comfort I think they are up to no good no way they are going to fool me again like early in this generation.

cunnilumpkin1600d ago

ea's great in my book, love bf series, mirrors edge, mass effect, dragon age, kingdoms of amalaur, heck, I would say 30% of the games I own (well over 500 on pc alone) are ea games

activision is a far shadier company, and what do they make that's good besides call of duty, which, I personally have been sick of since mw2

the only thing that makes activision acceptable to me is the fact that blizzard owns half of them and blizzard is one of the best game devs on the planet, starcraft 2 is such a perfect multiplayer game its actually a sport, with tons of people making a living playing it.

all in all I think ea are awesome!

FarCryLover1821600d ago

One good thing that Acti does is never shutting down servers.


Dear EA; So you have changed have you... have you??

ok here is where you can start, I want a next gen, open world style dead space game that is worthy of being called a horror game. No co-op, No MP, No cheesy action sequences, No DLC skins, weapon skins, etc how about unlocking all that crap when you finish the game as a reward?

if you can make anything close to this happen then we have something to talk about.

ziggurcat1600d ago

dead space would be awful as an open world game...


your prob right, i just want to see if they will can pull it off. when I say open world mind you, I don't just mean it has to be open fields and green grass. It could just be one big Mother 2£^%6king giant arse space station.

All you would need was the ability to explore a bit more. The first dead space was a bit like this, there were areas on the ship you could go back and forth between. it would be the same just open it up more and make it bigger.

ziggurcat1600d ago

fair enough.

i thought you meant something more on the lines of fallout/skyrim/GTA/red dead redemption...


no no... not like that.. think more of a very tight and compact, but massive space ship or station. You would still have all the tight spaces and feeling of claustrophobia, but a lot more places to explore and no limits to where you could go back and forth to. you then have pockets of survivors trying to survive and factions just like it already has with the church and the millitary etc.. you just up the scale and make the missions a bit more dynamic.

I enjoyed DS1 so much it almost felt like it could have been an rpg. following the story of the characters in the holo packs you found.. it was so well set up it could have pulled it off. DS2 and 3 kind of killed it for me though.

I am just dreaming, don't mind me..

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