Xbox One: No 3GB RAM Limit for Indies, Digital Features to be Pushed - Spencer

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has revealed some details on the Xbox One.

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NYC_Gamer1760d ago

This is good news for indies who throw software on X1

Smurf11760d ago

Absolutely, I am happy that Microsoft isn't doing everything in a half-arsed way, but you never know.

xHeavYx1760d ago

Am I the only one who noticed the last tweet?

Someone asked "If I buy a Xbox One, do I have to fear that the DRM stuff will return this generation?"
Response "Split will likely be digital vs. physical. Physical will feel like today. For digital we'll push features we discussed at E3"

Does that mean that, eventually, if you get a digital game, you have to deal with the DRM stuff?

JokesOnYou1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Yes and no because many like me have contacted micro asking to opt in to the original plan so they said its possible they may introduce many of those features including game sharing for those of us who want to go completely digital format. For me its a easy decision, I'm always connected and I don't wan to sell shiii to greedy gamestop, I get waaay more value being able to let my nephews who live on the east coast check out my games anytime.

This X1 dev news is pretty exciting, I'm not a big indie game player but its great micro has open up to them and even better seems anyone can TRY to make a game, now I'm thinking of getting Project Spark to learn some basics, if I can't make anything cool with that no way in hell I'm going to bother frying my brain with this complicated coding for a full X1 game.

fermcr1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

"Does that mean that, eventually, if you get a digital game, you have to deal with the DRM stuff? "

Every digital game or DLC you buy (unless it's from GOG) has some kind of DRM. It happens with the PS3/X360/Steam/Origin and will happen with the PS4/X1. Microsoft is just going to add additional stuff like family sharing (among other things) to their digital library.

gaffyh1760d ago

Great news for indie devs, although the way he responded makes it sound like it won't be ready at launch. He said the "Goal is...", which suggests that they're working on it.

At least they're listening now, way better than a few months ago. I commend you MS.

Shadowstar1760d ago

I think the DRM stuff is just fine as long as you're playing digital games. It was the extension to physical games that was the real problem.

Machiavellian1760d ago

If MS is going to push their digital plan at E3 that means they will allow you to Sell, Trade, Gift, and share your games. Do people forget that this was the policy that MS studios said they will do. They also mentioned rent at some point but not on release. If MS actually do go this route, it would give them a leg up over all systems current today. Sony, Valve, Apple, Google you name it does not allow you to sell, trade, Gift or share your digital content.

badkolo1760d ago

yes just like ps4, drm is on all digital

Hayabusa 1171760d ago

"Am I the only one who noticed the last tweet?

Someone asked "If I buy a Xbox One, do I have to fear that the DRM stuff will return this generation?"
Response "Split will likely be digital vs. physical. Physical will feel like today. For digital we'll push features we discussed at E3"

Does that mean that, eventually, if you get a digital game, you have to deal with the DRM stuff?"

Pretty much. The upside is you'll *should* in theory get the digital sharing features, but you'll also have the 24 hour limitations and what not. To be honest, I'm cool with that, as long as I have the choice I'll always opt for the less restrictive method.

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slimeybrainboy1760d ago

Was there even a rumor that MS were limiting indie devs?

Smurf11760d ago

Yeah, some insiders on NeoGAF were saying something about 3GB RAM limit, but Spencer dismissed it.

Minato-Namikaze1760d ago

According to CBOAT there was. I cant read the entire article did he say "No Limit" or "No 3GB lmit"

FordGTGuy1760d ago

Oh yes CBoat the most right wrong person ever.

I'm up to the belief that it is actually a dummy account by the mods on GAF considering how hard they defend it.

Dlacy13g1760d ago

Marc Whitten also confirmed no limit via a phone interview that was recorded by Giantbomb who specifically asked about this based on that rumor for CBOAT on Neogaf. This is indeed a really good thing for indie devs.

I have a feeling this self publishing will allow you to make games for xBL and/or also publish for Windows 8 and RT. If you are publishing for RT there will be limits to RAM usage given the devices. I wonder if that is what CBOAT was basing that off of.

ShwankyShpanky1760d ago

He said "Goals is to allow devs access to full pool of resources available, no indie RAM limit."


1) So that's the "goal," it is not confirmed.

2) "No indie RAM limit?" So an indie game can use 7GB of RAM? His statement is misleading, if not outright false.

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Kanzes1760d ago

No limited resources for devs. That's great!

And no more rumors about another 180 DRM, He already clarified that physical will feel like gaming today, and digital features to be pushed. (I hope family sharing can come back in some form)

Minato-Namikaze1760d ago

Why are Devs being cautious and saying one thing an MS saying another? There seems to be a disconnect between MS and the Devs.

Kanzes1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

From the article:
@XboxP3 If I buy a Xbox One, do I have to fear that the DRM stuff will return this generation?

@BuldozerX Split will likely be digital vs. physical. Physical will feel like today. For digital we'll push features we discussed at E3.

I don't see any disconnected conversation

mark134uk1760d ago

wont this open the doors to piracy? or is that ms is goal so they atleast have 1 fan base to buy the xb1?

they seemed to do good out of them on the 360

Minato-Namikaze1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

We also reached out to a handful of indie developers who have been outspoken on the issue. The first one to respond was Retro City Rampage developer Brian Provinciano, who ported his game to Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360 as well as a variety of other platforms. His response to today's news:

I'm very happy to see this. After all of the developers have spoken out, they're finally listening. However, this is yet another example of them changing policy, but it sounding better than it is when the whole story is revealed. Make no mistake; while this is a great thing, it's again not the equivalent to what other platforms offer. On PS4, for example, developers can tap right into the system; use every bit of RAM and all of its power. Indies have access to everything that the AAA studios do, from platform support to development and release. The indication on Xbox One is that it's essentially XBLIG 2.0. Instead of XNA, it's Windows 8. Windows 8, which is already struggling to gain developer interest, will gain a boost from developers wishing to target the console. However, it won't be as full-fledged as published games on the system.

After my experience working with them to release on Xbox 360, I have no interest in even buying an Xbox One, let alone developing for it. The policy changes are great, but they don't undo the experience I had. I'm not ready to forget what I went through. Working with Microsoft was the unhappiest point of my career. Policies are one thing, but developer relations are another.

It's important to me that consumers don't see things as black and white. There are still strings attached to this policy change."

Dlacy13g1760d ago

@Minato-Namikaze...those dev reactions were specifically to the initial news of the change. These interviews for the most part hadn't gone public yet so many were saying "sounds good on surface but I want more details before saying its great" which is totally fair. Many also knew of the rumored limit so they were hesitant to say anything cause they felt there was a limit to it.

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Smurf11760d ago

@Minato, he was asked about the 3GB limit, to which he said no RAM limit.

Minato-Namikaze1760d ago

"Goal is to allow devs access to full pool of resources available, no indie RAM limit."

See that wording? thats what i dont like, lol.

mwjw6961760d ago


Why are you fighting this so hard? Get over your xbox hate. Notice I did not state fanboy just hate for MS. They confirmed no limits to the hardware what is so hard to understand? Until otherwise stated by MS all your complaining is a non issue.

JunioRS1011760d ago

Sweet! A whole half the Gigs of PS4's still-faster RAM!

1760d ago
SegaSaturn6691760d ago

The limit has been upgraded from 3gb to 5gb?

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slimeybrainboy1760d ago

This article just confirms MS not doing anything evil, they seem like they get a clap for just not being evil right now. Why on earth would they limit indie devs? I didn't think anyone thought the limit was 3GB?

What digital features are they talking about?

HammadTheBeast1760d ago

Well then, why would any AAA company like EA buy dev kits? MS would lose out a whole lot of money by not selling dev kits.

annus1760d ago

I would say a huge amount of devs are given dev kits for free. MS wouldn't want to miss out on a developer like EA.

And dev kits are actually slightly more powerful than the hardware, as they need to be for debugging purposes, so a real dev kit will still be an 'advantage'.

Gildarts1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

probably No-Disc Gaming and Family-sharing.

I am personally excited for No-disc gaming.

it means you can install several games and play without disc. That was the plan with 24hour check-in.

Maybe they found a way to do it without the DRM.

That would be a killer feature.


Dude calm down.
Installing games from discs and playing without disc has never been done on a console.
That is why they had the DRM, so people wouldn't abuse it.

ThanatosDMC1760d ago


Installing and running a game without disk is completely different to DRM nor is DRM needed to run a game. There's a way to do it but that's not what MS wants. They want control.

You make it sound like installing games is a new thing. Sorry if i misunderstood you for being ignorant.

SignifiedSix911760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

The only way its possible, is on a hacked console.

Would be nice for them to let people, who have a constant internet connection, to be able to play their installed games without the disc.

Edit: and to ensure you're not distributing that disc, it won't work for anyone else unless the game is uninstalled from the original console.

Unless of course the person with the disc plays without a connection lol.

Darrius Cole1760d ago

I believe that they mean that physical disks will not have DRM (after the one time patch) but that digitally downloaded games will have the DRM.

ElementX1760d ago

Sounds good to me. I can't believe people bash MS no matter what they do. They're probably using Windows PCs to do it!

Electric-flamingo1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

They are usually 13 to 17 year old kids ( a lot of times minorities and really white nerds) Who , if you look at ther history, sit on here and comment all day long.

Ps I'm a 30 year old black man.

WeAreLegion1760d ago

TIL there is a 30 year old black man on N4G.

How's it going, 30 year old black man?

Darrius Cole1760d ago

WTF does being white or minority have to do with commenting on N4G?

Utalkin2me1760d ago

I have to disagree with you. I would say most people on here are in the late 20's to early 30's. You say people sit on here all day long and comment. But you have enough time to look through peoples history?

Master-H1760d ago

Hello racist 30 year old black man, nice to meet you grandpa.

NeoTribe1760d ago

Wow your comment has facepalm all over it. Really white nerds? First of all that's completely false and has nothing to do with anything. Color of skin does not determine what kinda fanboy you are. 2nd, nobody gives a damn that your black. Where the hell is your head at racist.

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HammadTheBeast1760d ago

People are bashing Xbox, not MS, they just lump the 2 together.

Windows 8 is trash though.

rainslacker1760d ago

Me personally I actually think the X1 itself isn't a bad console since the DRM reversal. Not a fan of Kinect, but wouldn't keep me away from the console. The TV stuff I care nothing about, but it's like the media features at the PS3 launch. They were there, but didn't really affect the games.

I really do dislike MS right now though. I've been gaming a long time, and what they tried to do was just an insult to how I've been buying and playing and collecting games for over 30 years. I'm highly skeptical and even more critical of MS right now, and it's a shame, because I was starting to warm up to them these past few years as they stopped acting like the corporate money grabbers they've always been. Then they came back in a big way.

The "dev-kit" consumer console brought them up a peg since I do that kind of stuff. I'll wait and see if it's sufficient enough to get me to the top of the ladder once I hear more details about it.

Salooh1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Why do you people trust them again ?. What they are doing new here ?.

¬ They will focus on kinect and history proves it . Take that back for X1 only if they proved it which have high rate of failure .

¬ Attempting to control the people with the DRM and used game policy. And DRM is still there for the digital .

¬ Kinect is still mandatory and anyone who buy X1 will prove that he don't care about his privacy ..

¬ Milking people like paying for online , paying for battery , paying for headset ..etc

¬ Weaker hardware and more expensive .

I bet i forgot some. These are huge things. I don't see why not bash these things . Even if they removed all of these reasons except the first one i won't buy X1 , i won't go and buy a console that don't give me good games..

ElementX1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

I like MS because the Windows platform is the most popular gaming platform with the most hardware/software support. People say Linux is better however indie software doesn't usually support Linux and Steam has only a couple hundred Linux games. Same with Mac. If you want to play the most games, use Windows

You seem to only associate MS with Xbox

Salooh1760d ago

I don't hate MS , to hell with them. What i care about is what they bring us. They don't give a shit about the limits of the customers so i boycott anything restricted they bring. X1 is one of them...

I like Windows 7 and actually hate windows 8 because it's restricted and look weird to me. Right now i have macbook pro , it's much better to use and more comfortable then W7 but just like what you said , it's not supported by software. But i have a temporary solution for small softwares which is parallel that let me install W7 in it with half the power. So the only problem with mac is the price. It's too expensive with really low specs . I advice you to buy one if you see a good deal. You won't regret it if you are looking for a normal using..

Izzy4081760d ago

Well what do you want.. a cookie?

SignifiedSix911760d ago

Lol why the hell would you use parallel and not bootcamp? Bootcamp is a shit ton better for running a second OS with FULL POWER.

I used to play TF2 on OS X with my 27 inch imac and it ran like ass. Decided to install w7 for games via bootcamp and what do ya know. It felt like a 100% boost in my gaming performance.

Nothing will ever dethrone windows for gaming.

Salooh1760d ago

Thank you SignifiedSix91 . Never knew that ^^ . Bubble for you ..

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ShwankyShpanky1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

My "Windows PC" that's running WinXP (the only MS OS I've ever bought... like 10 years ago) on a dual boot? The only reason it's currently booted to XP is because Rane SSL doesn't run on Ubuntu (been meaning to try Mixxx, but haven't gotten around to it).

@flamingo: 33 years old with two kids, thankyouverymuch.

"minorities and really white nerds"

1) So it's minorities AND white nerds? Sooo... gamers?

2) Enlighten us... what makes someone "REALLY" white?

theWB271760d ago

This was does minorities and really white nerds mean? lol

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Wizziokid1760d ago

MS realized that they messed up big time, that's why we're seeing such a big turn around, people are loving all these changes but it shows how much of a mistake and joke MS where when it came to the X1.

better late than never I suppose, now just ditch mandatory kinect and lower the ridiculous price point and I'll buy one.

LoydX-mas1760d ago

If you can't afford $100 difference, then maybe buying a game console should not be on your "to do" list.

Just saying.:)

Minato-Namikaze1760d ago

Why pay an extra $100 for something you dont want and isnt needed? I dont know about you but i'm not in the habit of wasting money.

Wizziokid1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

or maybe I understand the value, I can afford the money I just don't see why I should pay it?

$100 extra for a less powerful console which comes with a camera I don't want or will ever even use (but you need to have it connected at all times).

I'm sorry if you think that is the better value but I don't.

Like I said they lower the price to reflect the console without Kinect and I'll buy one

Electric-flamingo1760d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. I bought a Nintendo wii u just for earthbound.

slimeybrainboy1760d ago

$100 is you're multiplayer and a game sorted. Plus you have F2P games and PS+ games to play through. There's more value than just the $100.

thetruthx11760d ago

I'm buying a xbox one because of the games Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break, Killer Instinct, Halo 5, Gears of War 4, Titanfall and D4.

I couldn't find a game on ps4 that I was interested in other than Uncharted and maybe Outlast the others were multiplats.

Then there's the new gameplay experiences Kinect 2.0 can bring so $100 really isn't a big deal

ShwankyShpanky1760d ago

I've got an mousepad for sale. Only $50. What, you can't afford $50? Maybe you shouldn't be using a computer.

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n4rc1760d ago

Haha.. Go price the components in the console and tell me again how ridiculous the price is.

The console hasn't been released or even advertised in the mainstream media yet. They are doing what people want before launch.

Honestly some of you will never be satisfied.. There is no point even talking to you because you make up your mind beforehand.. Ms = always wrong

PSVita1760d ago

How about you provide links to the cost of the "components" and go from there.

n4rc1760d ago

I don't need links.. Do your own research or is it easier to spew garbage without facts?

A 8 core CPU..8gb ram.. Br drive.. 500gb HDD.. Not to mention all the console specific stuff.. You cant build these things for less then they are selling for

KingWookiee1760d ago

How can you price something that MS is too scared to release the info on? Maybe if MS would release the specs like Sony has already done we could price it.

nick3091760d ago

You get different exclusives with this console, dosent matter how powerful it is, youll never see dead rising 3 on ps4.. Dr 1 never came to ps3. I doubt titanfall would release for ps4 , i know its coming to pc, but not everyone wants to buy a great pc for so much.

PSVita1760d ago

Xbox will never have Infamous, GT, UC series(over 100 perfect scores), GOW, The last of Us(over 40 perfect score), Demon Souls etc. etc. those are just a tiny handful of the world renowned Sony exclusives. Also I'm not interested in Titan Fall but let's not forget what happened with Bioshock and Mass effect.

Wizziokid1760d ago

Sure we might not see DR 3 but we will see another DR game I can guarantee that also we will see Titanfall as Respawn basically confirmed it in interviews around E3 saying they wanted it on as many platforms as possible but focused on one for the time being aka timed-exclusive.

Darrius Cole1760d ago

Isn't TitanFall being published by EA?

LoveOfTheGame1760d ago

Funny you should bring scores into this, because last time I checked Forza smoked GT this gen.

Also, you should look at the UC series scores closer. You will realize they are second in an exclusive series with Gears beating it out.

Won't say anything about the last three games you listed as they are awesome.