What it's actually like to develop for Xbox One - Microsoft explains

"Microsoft has taken steps to make games development much, much easier and less time-consuming on Xbox One, OXM can reveal in the wake of last night's announcement that developers will be able to self-publish on Xbox Live."

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Ksar1583d ago

That's a great news. It's getting better and better.

golding891583d ago

Nice. keep it up microsoft..#xboxwon

Timesplitter141583d ago

you are not on twitter

hashtags serve no purpose here

golding891583d ago

It does not take a genius to figure out this ain't twitter buddy. Glad you figure it out all on your own. #dealwithit

Electric-flamingo1583d ago

Sony fanboys hating. Don't fanboys realize how stupid that is?

slimeybrainboy1583d ago

There's none here, what are you talking about?

CernaML1583d ago

Eh, no surprise. Xbox fanboys are usually pretty delusional. They see things that aren't there.

MasterCornholio1583d ago

I'm glad that both consoles are easy to make games for.

Paranoid fanboys gotta hate though.

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YNWA961583d ago

MasterCornholio, did you find some TP? I believe Fanboys use it a lot, but not for Butthole...

Neoninja1583d ago

That was a good informative read.