Volition: Saints Row IV Will "Do Right By Our Previous Games," "We Have Been Listening To Our Fans"

Dealspwn reports: "Volition associate producer Kate Nelson believes that vocal fans who didn't enjoy Saints Row III's direction will find themselves pleasantly surprised by Saints Row IV, which makes an earnest attempt to "do right by" the original games and take feedback into account.

During a recent interview, I asked Nelson to directly address the sizeable number of Saints Row fans who didn't enjoy Saints Row III's OTT direction. "I think the direction that we've ended up in with Saints Row III and IV is the right place for the franchise," she said. "At the heart of what Saints Row is, it is an open-world experience, it is a sandbox experience where you have access to toys and abilities to explore and have a whole bunch of fun in the world. That, to us, is the core of Saints Row."

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Lubu1767d ago

Does it have full drop in drop out coop?

o-Sunny-o1767d ago

I guess Crackdown was the fans ideas given to the devs and superhero games.

Blues Cowboy1767d ago

Heh. That said, Crackdown is awesome, so I don't mind inspiation being taken from good places! Looks more like prototype to me though, what with all the gliding and flying...

Drakesfortune1767d ago

So what i wanted is fun take on gang warfare?? like one and if they have listened does that mean theyve taken out aliens and super powers?

MiasmaDodo1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

No you guys are not.
we asked for Bigger maps, more gangs, better graphics, more create a character options etc...

You guys gave us...

Dildos, Gats Death, Aliens, Movie stars, President,no clothes customization, small know nothing we asked for

CrossingEden1767d ago

-gat is back
-there is clothes customization
-the map is bigger than the older games -_-

MiasmaDodo1767d ago

- is the game still about a digital Alien invasion?

that will tell me all I need to know.

CrossingEden1767d ago

playing saints row and expecting a serious story is like watching pornography for story -_- people are acting like saints row was as well written as bioshock infinite and seriously need to stop taking themselves and gaming so seriously, remember when games were about crazy nonsensical fun, I do, and saints row is continuing that in the middle of way too many games taking themselves seriously

MiasmaDodo1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

how can you tell me what to expect from Saints Row?

I took a chance on a new franchise when it launched for 360. (day 1)
Bought SR2 day 1 for PS3

you probably played SR3 because it got a 9.5 in Game Informer and NOW your a "fan"


bluetoto1767d ago

I like volition, I really do, but I hope after this game fails to reach the same numbers as previous entries(an assumption) due to older fans NOT supporting this one they'll remember which "fans" got them where they are.

I won't speak for the masses, but I feel there are enough of us that bought 3 on faith that they would reward us but feel EXTREMELY let down with who they are now catering to.

They didn't address ANY of my concerns with the series so now lets see if they'll listen to my wallet.

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