Curve Studios On Xbox One Self-Publishing: "We Don't Want An Indie Ghetto"

Dealspwn reports: "Stealth Inc: A Clone In The Dark developers Curve Studios are cautiously optimistic about Xbox One's potential for self-publishing, but believes that Microsoft has a lot to prove, and a huge amount of work ahead to regain their standing as an industry leader for console indie games."

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FuzzyPixels1792d ago

We should definitely celebrate this as a positive step. But that's all it is currently: a step, not the end goal. More open platforms, more developer choice, these things ultimately benefit us consumers as we, by proxy, are able to reap the benefits of contented creatives and become empowered with a more wide-ranging array of consumer options.


Blues Cowboy1792d ago

We've also got to see what MS actually announces at Gamescom. I love XBLIG, but its potential was killed off by no real support from MS. If this sort of two-tier system happens again, it's going to hurt Microsoft in the long run.

Kanzes1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

This is just a little tease for the actual announcement at Gamescom

HolyDuck1792d ago

What the heck? It's literally like everyone is after Xbox One.

I couldn't find one article blasting PS4's indie self publishing, and as soon as Xbox One does it, everyone comes out of the woodwork and starts stating it's a bad idea?

Blues Cowboy1792d ago

They're not blasting Xbox One at all - they're saying that it's a great first step but Microsoft needs to go big or not turn up. They describe the idea as "awesome," but are worried about past form.

Hopefully GamesCom is going to knock it out of the park. This is a great idea for everyone.

christocolus1792d ago are right,but you cant blame fans for being overly defensive and protective..alot of dangerous and hurtful things keep flying around on n4g

Cmk01211792d ago

yeh i mean sadly this indie devs 90% of them are trash and want to be catered to. MS and sony has done that and yet MS version of it is being crucified...lets be real nobody buys a console for limbo, or thomas was alone. they are bitching way too much after they got what they want IMO. its a positive step for them they should be happy and shut up until its proven to be a negative crappy PR stunt by MS if thats what they are thinking will happen

Electric-flamingo1792d ago

It's just on n4g. Just remember that

majiebeast1792d ago

Nah pretty much every major website including Neogaf nobody trusts microsoft and you cant blame those people.

Utalkin2me1792d ago

You just think it is only on N4G, but boy are we blinded.

Hicken1792d ago

One company has made efforts from the start to accommodate indies. The other has done quite a bit to alienate them in the past few years, and only recently announced something positive in regards to them.

Tell me, if somebody kept doing you wrong, and then said they were doing something nice for you, wouldn't you be a little skeptical?

It's not this "we love Sony and love to hate Microsoft" thing. It's more of a "fool me once, shame on you" kind of thing.

Insomnia_841792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

It's like a relationship with your bf/gf. She/he cheats on you once and the trust is gone forever.

I just don't get how some people still supports them so blindly and every single thing, be it restricctions/DRM or whatever, is good for them.

ThanatosDMC1792d ago

It's Microsoft doing it to themselves. Same thing they did on E3. Everybody just watched MS shoot itself on the foot and stab itself with a rusty knife.

They do not seem to have a solid plan in mind for launch.

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worldwidegaming1792d ago

Hey, what the hell! I live in the ghetto!

NYC_Gamer1792d ago

MS needs to make sure that only quality titles get approved to be sold on the market place


I totally agree with this, (even though I am not really an Indie gamer anymore). I understand what MS is doing, but man PLEASE control the garbage games that are put out. I hate having to filter through 100 games b4 I find a decent one.

devwan1792d ago

It's a fine line to walk - you shouldn't stifle creative and original thinking but you also need to know the difference between when that works out and when it doesn't.

So how do you propose they decide that?

Galletto31792d ago

They should allow the community to test and demo upcoming games. If the community supports and likes them (which indie games already rely on) then they get moved up to the front of the market place.

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