Twisted Pixel is creating new IP alongside Xbox One launch game LocoCycle

Twisted Pixel has confirmed that it's working on a second game besides LocoCycle, the madcap bike 'em up for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The project is a new IP, and will probably run on Twisted's legendary Beard engine, notable for powering Kinect exclusive The Gunstringer. And for being called "Beard".

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Ksar1792d ago

One of my favorite studios in this generation.

whoyouwit041792d ago

How the f#ck does he has low standards because a small dev team is one of his favourite studios. or are you just saying that crap because it's one of Microsoft smaller studios.

Kanzes1792d ago

Gunstringer 2 would be awesome, the predecessor is one of the best Kinect games in my opinion

Gildarts1792d ago

new IP from Twisted Pixel?? HELL YEAH!!

ainsleyharriott1792d ago

Twisted Pixel are awesome, glad to hear they'll be releasing even more crazy games!

Thepharaoh1792d ago

Kameo 2? man i know I've been talking about it a whole bunch i need to play it so bad

1792d ago
golding891792d ago

Can't wait to see what it is.

Genesis12951792d ago

Interested to see what they have planned and considering lococycle obviously doesnt look too perfect but im sure will be a ton of fun if the gameplay serves well

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