State of Decay released in Australia

State of Decay has been released on Xbox Live Arcade in Australia today after a somewhat rocky start. The game was refused classification and banned in the country earlier this month due to the depiction of drug use. Undead Labs responded to the refusal by removing all traces of drug use to aid progression within the game.

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Septic1761d ago

This game took over my life last weekend. I played the demo, instantly got hooked and unlocked the game there and then.

One thing this game constantly made me think of is the potential for it to be an online affair in the vein of Dayz but with all the elements of outposts, scavenging and resource management that SoD has.

It will happen. I'm sure of it.

Brucis1761d ago

They mentioned their next game will be multiplayer, so hopefully.

Jyndal1761d ago

Yep. Check out Class4, it's the online MMO version of State of Decay that's currently in development. Same engine, just alot bigger.
I can hardly wait.

Nexus381761d ago

What is it with austraila and banning stuff? it seems like a very strict country.