Battlefield 4 will not support cross-gen saves

Battlefield 4 will not let players transfer their multiplayer progress between platforms, including between current and next-gen platforms, DICE has confirmed.

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shadowwizard1637d ago

Why? It's on a fckin' servers! If someone is willing to buy one game two times, this should be guaranteed.

ala_7671636d ago

It wont support cross gen save maybe cuz PS3 will have 24 players and PS4 will get 64 players....

JKelloggs1636d ago

How will that at all be a contributing factor?

Lunarassassin1636d ago

But the levels are saved in the same way. Match modes don't affect how you level up.

TekoIie1636d ago

That doesnt mean there wont be servers that support 24 players. Why not allow PS4/PS3 or Xbox1/360 players to have cross platform play in lobbies that support 7th gen consoles.

solidt121636d ago

It won't support it because it's a different game that's why. Has any multiplayer shooter ever done that? Why is this even a article. What dummy would even expect this.

die_fiend1636d ago

shadowwizard above apparently. He fails to realise that there is maybe a difference between 24- and 64-player games and the impact that may have on the leaderboards.

shadowwizard1636d ago

Sure, fair point with stats and leaderboards, but when you invest some heavy time into the game on one platform, they should at least allow you to get unlocks from last-gen, to next-gen.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is cross-gen and all the stats will carry over along with cards, players etc.

TekoIie1636d ago

Considering we have Ps vita's Battle Royale and 3DS's Monster Hunter 3 you would expect the next jump to be cross generation.

Alexious1637d ago

I'm assuming there is a technical reason for this....

Still, it may mean that those who have a good PC will go directly with that route.

Ray1861637d ago

So you want all of your progress in an older game to carry over into a new game. Yeah, good luck with that.

LackTrue4K1636d ago

Not only a newer game...but a hole gen!! Hahaha

SeanScythe1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Not BF3, they are talking about BF4 on PS3 or 360 transferring saves to the PS4 or XBone.

Really what part of what I said could you disagree with? If you disagree with that you are a moron, because you can't understand what the hell is going on.

MWong1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Well honestly it's servers. Systems crash all the time without gamesaves, that data, for all unlocks and information is stored on their servers.

I figure it would be too much of a pain to have the servers update that way. So I am cool either way, will still be buying it on PS3 & PS4.

Rockstar1636d ago

This is just common sense.

Maninja1636d ago

I wouldn't want to get this for my ps4 on launch day just to hop into a game and find colonels everywhere. This is done to make sure it stays fair at launch and it isn't just a bunch of people who've had the game for weeks dominating people who just got it.

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The story is too old to be commented.