Australian Police Caught Pirating Movies

A recent audit of computer systems belonging to the South Australia Police has found that hundreds are being used to "share" films. In a move smacking of hypocrisy though, officers involved will not be charged.

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decapitator3905d ago

Very hypocritical of them. No wonder people keep stealing movies.

sonarus3905d ago

when you can't beat em...join em

Fishy Fingers3905d ago

This is great news.

Australian Police: To surf and pirate.

Yi-Long3905d ago

... some pirate only software, some only movies, some only music, some only games, etc.

We only have a limited amount of money to spend on stuff, and some stuff isnt worth retailprice (especially software like Photoshop), but IS worth owning, watching, playing, etc.

Most companies have a huge interchange between employees going one, with people burning stuff for eachother, trading, etc.

The police doing it, is ofcourse a bit hypocrite, yet it's also normal. They're normal people too (kinda...), with limited funds...

Fishy Fingers3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

"Everybody pirates..."

While I'll say that, yes, a lot more people are guilty than you may first believe, but to say everyone does it is simply ridiculous and totally unsubstantiated.

edit: lol... please if you disagree, explain why, I'm interested to see how you will prove to me that everyone pirates. When in fact I know many more that dont than do.

LastDance3905d ago

If piracy doesnt get contained soon, i think the price of valnurable targets to piracy will cheapen.

Kakkoii3905d ago

Piracy won't be stopped soon.. If ever.

Piracy doesn't hurt the industry as much as they like to claim. Companies just like to complain about it because it's happening, and blame any low sales on piracy and not on the product itself.

There's many factors why Piracy actually helps the industry also.. But i'm not going to go into that.