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Submitted by leonHurley 859d ago | opinion piece

9 free PS4 games – the free-to-play & PS Plus titles you can get for no money

OPM: Between free-to-play games and PS Plus’ first PS4 freebies there’s not a bad selection of no money fun heading your way. Here’s the PlayStation 4 games that’ll cost you nothing, or pay for your Plus subscription overnight. (Don't Starve, Outlast, Planetside 2, PS4, Warframe)

Need4Game  +   859d ago
Buy 1 PS4 and Get 9 Free Games!
thereapersson  +   859d ago
Outlast looks so cool; it is about time they released a solid horror game on consoles. There hasn't been a solid one since the Siren: Blood Curse games on PS3 and Condemned 1 (X360) / Condemned 2 (PS3 / 360).
thereapersson  +   859d ago
Oh, I forgot to mention the first Dead Space. That was survival horror done right.
Venox2008  +   858d ago
Fatal frame iv, if you got a chance, check it out, plus remake of fatal frame\project zero 2
FlameHawk  +   858d ago
I know right! I love playing horror games. What I really want is a good horror game on Ps Vita but I guess you can play Outlast on it using Remote Play.
DA_SHREDDER  +   859d ago
I hope people invest in these titles, they look pretty cool.
MWong  +   859d ago
Glad my PS3 PS+ account will transfer over, which leads me to believe our usernames will also. I'll be getting; WarFrame, Planetside 2, DCUO, War Thunder, Blacklight Retribution, DriveClub and SecretPonchos.

That's at least 40GB's of space gone on the PS4 HDD. Good thing it's upgradeable, but I doubt I will ever max out the 500GB HDD.
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millgate1  +   859d ago
People NEED to try out War Thunder. Lacking a lot of players now on PC (Around 30,000 a day). I really hope it does well on PS4 and won't be sitting at the back of the PS Store after a week of release.

(PS: War Thunder is optimized for everyone on PC, so even the crappiest of graphics cards will run the game (Intel HD graphics for one)and still look good.)
cleft5  +   859d ago
This is a great deal.
avengers1978  +   858d ago
Black light
Secret poncho
Planet side
Are all going to be on my hard drive
May also try war frame, war thunder, and drive club
miyamoto  +   858d ago
These alone Seal the Deal! Makes the PS4 worth getting.

Currently playing Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation on the PS3. free MMO TPS from Namco Bandai
We are now past the One Year War mobile suit roll out going to UC 0083 Stardust Memory

everyone come and join the fun

hoping it will have a PS4 treatment
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mi_titan27  +   858d ago
is that a NA game or Japanese?
savaroth  +   859d ago
A nice extra, but i see nothing really special here. Must say that warthunder on the PC was fun.
dcj0524  +   859d ago
Pretty decent for a console considering current gen we barley had any until the past year.
Ragthorn  +   859d ago
Most PC Gamers like myself won't see not much special, but I agree to what dcj0524, because this is a pretty big step for consoles to have MMOs. Imho the best way to play these games are on the PC!
nick309  +   859d ago
I wanna see full retail games go free , not just indies. I just dont enjoy them as the big games. Outlast isn't the normal indie game because it's done by developers with real experience. The mmos aren't indies either and look so great.
savaroth  +   859d ago
That is a bit greedy. Even Sony with its PS plus free games wants to earn money.

I got Catherine and XCOm for free on PSplus recently. Allthough these are slightly older games, this is about as close as it is going to get to free full retail games....
HammadTheBeast  +   859d ago
And I want tot see the a PS4 delivered for free to me, that's not happening lol.
nick309  +   859d ago
Awful comparsion. I rather pay100$ a year for plus and get retail games and not indies.
Mr-SellJack  +   859d ago
Do you actually think PS+ will give you a full retail game to download on the first year when ps4 launches?hmm..knack might be and others...dunno.They will start slow first with the games but will go heavy on discounts,themes,avatars,exlus ive stuff,betas,F2P games....
HammadTheBeast  +   859d ago
My bad, I didn't know you were talking about PS+. I agree. But we'll see those as more retail games are actually released, it's surprising they got DriveClub in.
Supermax  +   859d ago
So one game at launch for free.
Tetsujin  +   859d ago
For those who can read, it's the EU PS+; for those who can't/didn't read it - "random argument between Live and PS+."


I live in the US, and I can say with 100% confidence as long as Sony continues to deliver I will support + the best I can because it's a very good investment for budget gamers like myself (college and other real life responsibilities) and over time offer a lot of games I almost purchased (there's a few I wish made the list, or at least at discount however). My only complaint is certain games EU gets that we either don't get, or we get way later with little to no reason explaining to better understand why.
medman  +   859d ago
PS4 and Sony. Why would anyone in their right mind who is going to purchase a console choose anything else?
Koyes  +   859d ago
PS+ is amazing. I currently have a backlog of about seven games, all from PS+ :D
Ragthorn  +   859d ago
Already have played all 5 of these on PC, except for War Thunder, Outlast, DriveClub, and Secret Ponchos. Warframe is alright, not as great as I thought it would be. Planetside 2 is amazingly epic in vast amounts lol, just playing with your clan and bombarding a base is a blast! DC Universe Online was on PS3 I presume? Nonetheless, it was also a great MMORPG, one of the few good ones that are F2P. Blacklight: Retribution is pretty sick as well, loved playing it cause of its fast-paced gameplay (reminiscent of CoD). Don't Starve appeals only to certain crowds, but to me, it was worth buying it on the Steam Summer Sale! I will be playing PS4 games such as DriveClub, Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS: Second Son, and many more because they are exclusive to the PS4, and would not want to miss them!
PositiveEmotions  +   859d ago
If their free than ima get all of them :)
Mr-SellJack  +   859d ago
hmmm where the f*** is primal carnage genesis?!!it is one of my most anticipated games.Looks unique and hella fun to play online
thatruth86  +   859d ago
these games are definitely not free since ps plus is mandatory for multiplayer so everyone is going to have ps+ we paying for them to make us think they are free by everyone having ps+ genius sony
GamerGuy153  +   858d ago
It's makes alot of sense for Sony though. Now, nearly everyone will have PS+ which means alot of developers will want to have their games be offered for free on PS+ just because it means that maybe a 100,000-million people will play their game instead of a few thousand. Sony can pay developers a single dollar of our $50 subscription per download instead of $5 for the usual game because Sony knows that it will sell way more ands the developer will make just as much money. The developers get their money and a larger user fan base, the customers get lots of free games, and Sony gets to brag about how they give their customers a great value. Everyone wins
621infamous  +   858d ago
Didn't Sony confirm that these FTP titles won't require a PS+ to play on thier multiplayer?

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