Potential (plausible) Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts III

Zachary at Save/Continue says,
"Everybody has their dream lists, be they beloved-yet-overlooked characters they want added to the next Super Smash Bros. roster, which franchises should be used for the next LEGO games, or Disney worlds to visit in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts title. With the E3 reveal of Kingdom Hearts III (FINALLY), it’s time to hope and wish and cross our fingers again."

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Bitsnark1849d ago

Looking forward to this!

Murad1849d ago

As long as I don't have to play another song in The Little Mermaid's world, I'll be a happy camper.

levian1848d ago

They definitely seem possible to me - after all they showed something fairly similar at the end of KH2. As much as I loved Monster's Inc, I have a feeling it would be one of those annoying levels, like the Deep Jungle in KH1.

Capt-FuzzyPants1848d ago

I liked the Deep Jungle. My least favorite had to be Wonderland. The platforming was just too tedious at some points. Especially with that camera.

Ill be happy as long as I don't see Marvel or LucasArts. I can handle Pixar. I would love to play through Monster's Inc and the Incredibles.

levian1848d ago

I appreciate you offering a different opinion from mine without flaming me. Bubs for having a mature conversation!

feraldrgn1848d ago

Personally, I don't want any pixar levels.
I know it's owned by Disney, but it's not really Disney & the game was built on Square+Disney.

*cough*The Black Couldron please*cough*.

Zotaku871848d ago

The Black Cauldron would be pretty great!

KHGuy7101846d ago

Is there a way to agree more than once. Lol