Get a PS4 for £315 or Xbox One for £389 in GAME gift card deal

Looking to pick up an Xbox One or PlayStation 4? Well, you could save yourself a few bob by taking advantage of GAME's latest promotion.

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devwan1795d ago

Trouble is, nobody wants to be left holding GAME vouchers when they teeter on the edge of bankruptcy again.

Sleepless1795d ago

In Spain, Xboxone+forza5 or ryse 499eur...better deal

galgor1795d ago

What a ridiculous post.

Sleepless1795d ago

Talking about offers like the article???... WTF! I must be crazy or something

Zichu1795d ago

I'm just waiting like a year before getting either console. I've missed out on too many games this gen and still have games on my shelf I want to finish off.

Hopefully, by the time I decide to get an X1 or PS4, it might be a bit cheaper, or a revision has been released.

caseh1795d ago

I was thinking the same thing however I might get a PS4 early purely down to PS+.

As with the PS3 version, games get added then removed to add new titles each month. Sadly, if you miss those games early on you won't get access to them. However, even if they have been removed PS+ members who downloded them will still have access to them as long as they retain their PS+ membership.

I guess i'll see if PS4 PS+ will work in same way, if it does you are potentially missing out on up to 30-40 "free" games in that first year.

Jdoki1794d ago


A sensible approach.

Last gen I bought a 360 and Wii day 1, and a PS3 after the first price cut in UK. I felt I got a bit burned by buying the Wii and 360. Neither got as much use as the PS3.

This time I've got no plans for a XB1 or WiiU (yet), but have a PS4 on pre-order. I'm thinking of cancelling and waiting a while - or if the rumours of supply problems are true, then selling it on eBay for an inflated price.

razrye1795d ago

Game is doing much better now. They've cleared all of their debts.

devwan1795d ago

Well it's all a matter of trust. I don't buy at Game or HMV, I trust Amazon and shopto.

razrye1795d ago

Yeah I use shopto all the time. Never have let me down. Only problem is if I get my ps4 from them I have to pay £24 for shipping since I live in northern ireland.

galgor1795d ago

Amazon the tax dodgers & shopto the company that had its customers personal details compromised? Brilliant choices to support.

MajorLazer1795d ago

I too preordered my PS4 from ShopTo :D

ravinash1795d ago

I'll probably got my PS4 from shopto (some where down the line).

"had its customers personal details compromised", tell me what company hasn't had it's customer database compromised.

fossilfern1795d ago

@Razye I live in Northern Ireland too and thats what put me off pre ordering a machine at shopto which is a shame.

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Zichu1795d ago

I don't really care for GAME. The prices are ridiculously high.

I saw Remember Me, "brand new" being sold for £42 in GAME. I go in there to see what the prices are like every few weeks or every month. I can get that game from Amazon for about £30, brand new and sealed.

caseh1795d ago

Basic rule for GAME:

- Check price of a game online at Shopto or Amazon
-Add £10 for GAME instore price

Sometimes their online store will have games cheaper then in store and they do offer price match...but not against their own online store. For that reason alone I rarely buy anything from them.

tigertron1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I'm using a £100 Sainsbury's gift card that I got with BT Infinity for the PS4. :)

ArchangelMike1794d ago

Welldone to you.I'm just going to have to put aside money every few weeks or so until release day. Might look into the GAME vouchers though.