Xbox One’s self-publishing policy: MS finally wakes up

Microsoft has confirmed that it will allow self-publishing on Xbox One, showing its senior games team is listening to developers as well as gamers. Never has the console looked more appealing, says VG247′s Dave Cook.

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Whitey2k1823d ago

Its good to here that there self publish but whats the catch? There was another site stating that developers only can use 3gig of ram and not the whole 5

christocolus1822d ago

that was a falsified rumor, devs have acess to the full hardware .ms has confirmed.

Mkai281823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I really think Don Mattrick and EA/and who ever else had something to do with this DRM crap.. Sure you want to save money against piracy, but there are different ways of doing it..
The strict indie policies , my way or he highway approach wasn't cuttin it.. Glad to see they are undoing what Mattrick has done..

@Whitey2k, 3 gigs is still a lot for people like you and me to make games on..