Facebook fan group started to petition for a playable Princess Zelda

The amazing fan response continues regarding Aonuma’s recent hint that he will consider placing Zelda in a lead role, as just yesterday a Facebook fan group launched to support passionate fans striving to make Aonuma’s comment a reality. The “Nintendo, Please Give Princess Zelda a Stronger Role” Facebook group aims to allow a place for fans to voice their passion for the idea, and hopefully contribute to gaining Aonuma’s attention. There are many discussions already active on the page you can partake in, but even a simple ‘Like’ can help out–it can build the statistic of fans in support of this, which is almost at 1,000 already.

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wishingW3L1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

when was the last time Nintendo gave a single f**k about what their fans want? This is pointless. =/

Pozzle1703d ago

A few days ago Nintendo said they might consider making a game starring Zelda if fans showed enough interest. So I'm assuming this Facebook page is a direct result of that.

Kalebninja1703d ago

Did you really say That? Explain localized pandoras tower, xenoblade,last story and we voted for what the next zelda was gnna be out of 3 options and a link to the past 2 won and they brought earthbound to the wii u yea they really dont care