Before Xbox One: 5 ‘Must Play’ Xbox 360 Games

GamR Mag writes: "Here we are again, taking a reminiscent look back at what has been arguably the greatest generation of video gaming to date. The Xbox 360 played a huge part in that. Microsoft's second system delivered the first 'real' home console online gaming experience. It paved the way that future developers and manufacturers would reward players by accomplishing in game feats."

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pedrof931638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Why the author doesn't mention any Kinect game ?

Well for the last 3 years there were a dozen exclusive core games and and a "few" dozens of Kinect games. And not a singe word about them ?

I wonder.

Well its his opinion.

allformats1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

How about "5 Xbox 360 Games To Keep Me Away From Xbox One"?

That's more like it. Like I've said elsewhere, I would certainly buy Xbox One if it wasn't for Kinect, but I cannot, in my right mind, buy into a device that's sitting there in my living room - and in some people's bedrooms! CONSTANTLY LOOKING AT ME AND SENDING DATA TO Microsoft! It's crazy how some people take this so simple.

I have a wife - family - sometimes we're not fully dressed! So never! never! never! I will never buy Xbox One as long as it comes bundled with Kinect.

End of story.

fsfsxii1638d ago

Well, if i may ask, who would disagree??

theWB271638d ago

Then don't get one. I could throw the argument about all your other electronic devices leaving their internet footprint for forever but I won't. Since your connected to the grid, you're being monitored. You have Facebook? You sure the pictures you send and receive on your phone aren't being intercepted?

I'm not saying this as a joke, but if you're concerned about your wife-family and their privacy then drop off of the grid before it's too late. Quit your job and move to the most remote mountains you can find.


bjmartynhak1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Just a question, can't you cover it? Turn it to the wall?

drsfinest721637d ago

Wheres the prove that ms is collecting video n Mic data from the Kinect? Or your just paranoid for no apparent reason?

KingOfArcadia1637d ago


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JonahNL1638d ago

Not sure if serious...

GunsAndTheBeast1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Because they're not good, and heck even the list that he made for the PS3, comparing them with xbox, makes the 360 exclusives look like they're
child's play. Huge difference.

Mounce1638d ago

LOL The article has HALO 4 AND HALO 3 on the same list! REALLY?! XDDD Wow.

So desperate to name off 'Must-have' games that he can't even separate franchises apart?! Holyyyyy-.

Halo/Gears then

Fez(Also on PC, coming to PS3/PSV soon) and
Alan Wake(Also on PC and was on Steam summer sale CHEAP!)

I'm not even an Xbox fan(At all) but I'll make a better list.

Lost Odyssey
Halo Reach
Gears of War 2
Crackdown 2
Fable 2

Fable 2 being the better of the series imo. AND it isn't on PC unlike Fable 1 and Fable 3. Lost Odyssey is of course a MUST HAVE and it isn't even on the fucking list.

Multiplatform-Must-Have that you can get on the 360? Nier.

PERIOD. All other '360 games' really can be found on PC or on PS3 already, No bias. Just truth.

theWB271638d ago

Not ONCE did the author mention the word exclusive. Only said 360 games to play before the X1. So there is no need to change the title, who cares if it came to PC anyway.

May not be a bias, but you're spouting off over something the author never mentioned.

Mounce1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Why the hell would anyone make a Top-# list of 'MUST PLAY' Xbox 360 games.....that aren't relating to exclusivity....that barely makes any sense. If they are MUST PLAY games as YOU'RE stating....then why even bloody list a platform/console?! lol Cmon now.

If exclusivity doesn't matter, then the hardware its on by default shouldn't matter. They shouldn't be 'Xbox 360 MUST PLAY games' They are 'Must play' his preference/opinion. What your saying is mind-numbingly contradicting to the whole POINT....of TOP-# lists that are conveyed with the categorization of Console-Software.

Like...if I said "These are the TOP PS3 games you MUST PLAY" and then list every single game that you can find on the 360 or'd not find it bloody idiotic of me to have given the article a title of TOP PS3 games. SAYING THAT implies you're going to talk about games that are only on the PS3 whether he uses the word 'Exclusives' or not -_-

Yea! Top PS3 games! Lets go with:

Bioshock Infinite
Bioshock 1
DC Universe
Plants vs Zombies
and lets say Mass Effect 3

This list right here, would be the exact same thing that I'd be making a joke about. They aren't then, the 'Must play' PS3 games, if they're MUST PLAY, then why reference PS3 if you don't NEED A PS3! Why Must-Play 360, if you by majority don't even NEED a 360 to play the games except Halo/Gears

I'm not even sure why I have to explain this as it should be common sense to the wording described......

Yea, here, let me play these 'Must Play' titles mentioned on the 360 - I like how he mentions Fez is a Must Play 360 game, so here, I'm going to go and play this 'MUST PLAY 360 GAME' on STEAM....GET IT?... 360 IS A REDUNDANCY! Just name it Top 5 list of games he like or something if exclusivity isn't part of the equation...

theWB271638d ago

Holy crap Mounce..chill. You even posted on the website with the same message. Maybe I'm wrong. Consider it was an exclusive was exclusive to consoles. We can pretty much gather that Xbox exclusives also come to PC. That isn't old news, it's been happening for quite awhile and it's not surprising considering Micro built their name on PC. Continue your rage Mr. Mounce : )

Mounce1637d ago

Mounce rage, MOUNCE SMASH!

xDHAV0K24x1637d ago

no one care if it's on a pc. get that shit outta here. BattleBlock Theatre needs to be in there for sure

Valkyre1638d ago

Ahh the good old times where 360 actually had exclusives...

xDHAV0K24x1637d ago

what percentage of the market do exclusive games take up? Aren't there more multiplat games out there than exclusives?