PS3/PS Vita JRPG The Legend of Heroes: Sen No Kiseki Gets New Screenshots, Showcases the Academy

Nihon Falcom just released a new batch of screenshots of The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki, that will be released on PS Vita and PS3 in Japan on September the 26th.

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wishingW3L1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

I've seen PS2 games with better graphics than these... All the screens must be from the Vita version because there is no way they are from PS3.

fsfsxii1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Hurr durr, grafx

Dude, i've seen worse, i used to be in an arabic gaming community, in each thread, the graphics of the game was the most important and was the factor that make them buy the game. I feel so ashamed to be a gamer now.

Abriael1696d ago

Looks like some think graphics are the most important factor nowadays...

Abriael1696d ago

Have you? your PS2 must have been a supercharged PC in disguise.

savaroth1696d ago

Doubtfull. I still use my ps2 and can't say the graphics are "better" than this.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky had fairly decent graphics on the psp so I have no doubt the psvita game will be okay :)

Besides there are more important aspect to an rpg.

devwan1696d ago

graphics are the last thing to concern me when playing rpgs.

dcj05241696d ago

As long as they have At least late ps2 graphics then it's fine. Anything less and the dev is just lazy.

j-blaze1696d ago

AGREED! story, characters and gameplay all come first, the game looks great

d3nworth11696d ago

No ps2 alive can do handle that texture resolution. Plus this is an anime art style so obviously the game not suppose to look realistic.

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CLOUD19831696d ago

I have gr8 expectations from this game I liked everything I have see till now, LoH games r known for good stories & deep character development if we add to that the new battle system that looks awesome yep I can't w8 to play this on my PS3 :)

Dagobert1696d ago

Localization ploxthxbai.

CrossingEden1696d ago

welp, absolutely nothing original about the character design, this is a good reason why i'm not getting a vita, way too many jrpgs with anime characters

mitchell11881696d ago

That's a good reason not to get a vita. Then again that's exactly why I got a vita. Jrpgs are my favorite genre. ^_^ Anime FTW

j-blaze1696d ago

reminds me of persona a bit