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The success of crowd funding financing models then motivated Weisman to work on another Shadowrun project that had more of an “authentic tone,” obtain funding for his project, Shadowrun Returns, through the Kickstarter crowd funding platform. The project was opened to pledges in March 2012 and met its funding goal of USD 400,000 within 28 hours. Upon reaching the USD 1 million mark, Weisman recorded a video for the Kickstarter project stating that if the project were to reach USD 1.5 million, the developers would develop a “backers-only exclusive mission which will, tie together the stories of the SNES title and the Sega Genesis title.” The funding period ended on 29 April 2012, by which time the project had gathered USD 1,895,772 worth of pledges. The success of the campaign made Complex rank it number eight of their list of the biggest video game wins and fails on Kickstarter in 2012.

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