The Demons of Zelda

ZU writes: The fantastical world of Hyrule is diverse in its population; many different species reside within its confines as well as within the vast areas of other Zelda worlds. Yet one race stands out with its known numbers in few: the Demons. Certainly there are characters in the series who can best be described as “demonic”: Majora, Bellum, and Dark Link to name a few. However, a limited number of individuals actually possess the title of “Demon” and those that do only exist in the most recent releases. Even the word “demon” has sparsely been used, with its earliest in-game appearance in 2000 in Majora’s Mask. Perhaps this lack of usage came about because the word itself boasts a strong religious connotation, therefore causing it to be reworded in localization in the same manner as “sage” was in the SNES version of A Link to the Past.

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