Playing Metal Gear Solid 1 For the First Time

Celebrated as a masterpiece of game design, Metal Gear Solid was a prime example of mechanics and story interwoven to provide a compelling experience. Or at least that's what the fans always say. While there's little doubt that the game was incredible when first released, how might it feel to someone without any nostalgic connection to it or its beloved series? Moarpowah begins a mutlipart series dissecting the game from the eyes of the uninitiated, and the initial response is one of complete, unapologetic positivity.

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GreenRanger1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago ) five five steps...codec conversation.....sneak past guy....codec conversation.....cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, five steps.....codec five steps... CUTSCENE THAT LASTS A LIFETIME, SECOND PART OF CUTSCENE THAT LASTS A LIFETIME.....cutscene.....snea k past guy...codec conversation.........

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cpayne931795d ago

I hope you're not talking about the first one. Actually the only one where the cutscenes were at all intrusive was in mgs 4, but mgs1 had just the right amount of cutscenes imo.

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franko1795d ago

@GreenRanger go play Viva Pinata or something. Leave masterpieces to elders.

Foxhound9221795d ago

One of the most beautiful gaming experiences I've ever been through. Especially for its time.