Japan - detailed look at this week's 3DS/Wii U software sales, shipment sell-through

-"Enterbrain- Pikmin 3 sold 31k in its second week taking the total to 133k...but sell through is still low at 65% of shipments"
-"New Super Luigi U sold 14k for a total of 41k so far but only 46% sell through, so still inventory on shelves"
-"Japan WiiU hardware sales were 14k down from 21k last week"
-"JP: Mario & Luigi:Dream Team for 3DS was released and it sold 108k but sell through was only 29%,but retailers saying it will have longevity"

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AsimLeonheart1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I guess even the most delusional Nintendo fans cant claim now that Pikmin 3 is a system seller or that it will sell a lot more in the second week after seeing these figures. Many people told them that but they just would not believe it. The sell through rates are pretty low as well including the New Super Luigi U. Times have changed; there are just not enough people who play these kind of games any more. Nintendo needs third party support and needs to adapt to the modern times.

Big_Mex1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Only people who should give 2 fucks about their sales numbers are either working for Nintendo or a competing gaming company. Just pick the system with the games you'll play and let that be that, you sound like a little kid.

AsimLeonheart1636d ago

And you sound like a butthurt kid hurt by the truth. Why do you think the media reports sales figures if nobody should care about them? Last week Nintendo fans were the one celebrating Pikmin 3 sales and calling out everyone. When suddenly the sales fall of the cliff by 70% in second week, they do not matter. If you do not care about sales then do not tout them when you think they are good as well.

Brucis1636d ago

@AsimLeonheart comment 1.1.1

>And you sound like a butthurt kid

>hurt by the truth
That's implying he's hurt, which he doesn't seem to be, and that what you said is undeniably fact.

>Why do you think the media reports sales figures if nobody should care about them?
Because people like to see how well/poorly a game is doing. Some people take this a bit too far, however.

>Last week Nintendo fans were the one celebrating Pikmin 3 sales
And they should, 92k in two days is good.

>and calling out everyone.
Calling out those who said Pikmin would be lucky to sell 100k in its life. Most of the others were just 'See, it's doing fine.'

>When suddenly the sales fall of the cliff by 70% in second week, they do not matter.
They do matter, what are you talking about? People just aren't focusing on the percentage and taking it out of context unlike you. 133k out of 1 mil in two weeks is pretty decent. What, you wanted a fifth of all Wii U Japanese gamers to get it on the first few weeks?

>If you do not care about sales then do not tout them when you think they are good as well.
Good thing he didn't tout them then.

Dunban671636d ago

If you have invested in a Wii U and/or are considering investing in one, then sales mater quite a bit due to the fact they are so low- If they were selling a ton then sales would not be as important to console owners because success of good sales makes for a strong console/library and it is more likely its lifespan will be long and other dev s will invest in it as well. But when sales remain poor then the console will be weaker as there will be less development in it and less good games going forward

Qrphe1636d ago

>or a competing gaming company

Not really, I'd say most companies only care about their performance and their performance only.

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Firan1636d ago

It's not about people not wanting to play Nintendo games. Pikmin games never sold that well on GameCube to begin with. Pikmin has a great and vocal fanbase who are more than happy to get Pikmin 3.

I agree that they need more 3rd party support but that comes after Wii U's install base grows.

Big_Mex1636d ago

Couldn't care less about how good or bad a company is doing that I don't get compensated for financially.

akaihana86plus1636d ago

"Nintendo needs to adapt to the modern times", which i think it means, they need to start depending on American developers making generic FPS's and Hollywood type of games right?, hmmmmmmm, nope, thank you very much but i'll keep my Japanese company the way it is, this is the reason why i love Nintendo though, they don't need to follow nobody, they are who they are, and nobody is forcing you to support them, sales and numbers don't equal fun games, just saying ;)♥

LOL_WUT1636d ago

Pikmin 3 sales dipped 70% I knew the momentum wasn't going to last let's see how we'll it does in the US. ;)

SonyNGP1636d ago


Keep that "YouTube Gaming Community" crap outta here. It's a freakin' joke.

chente00251636d ago

@LOL_WUT did you notice that Wii U outsold ps3 by 3,000 units on that video? dumb troll!

akaihana86plus1636d ago

@LOL_WUT, like i said, numbers and sales don't equal fun games, enjoy your god damn games and period ;)♥

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Dj7FairyTail1636d ago


BosSSyndrome1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Mm yeah 133k out of 1 million (the user base in japan) is so low.
Edit: Plus you got digital sales so...

kensredemption1628d ago

You clearly haven't been paying attention because they're getting third-party support up the ass. The year after each system's launch period is always weak. The 360 and PS3 didn't offer much that swayed me into buying one initially. It wasn't until Halo 3 came out for the 360 and MGS4 came out for the PS3 that I even wanted to get either system. I have a Wii U now because it's the only system left that has an active multi-player base for Mass Effect 3.

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Brucis1636d ago

The Japanese Wii U fanbase is, what, 1 mil and Pikmin 3 has sold 133k in two weeks? Pretty nice actually. Getting over 13% of your customers to buy a game in two weeks is pretty decent. Let's see how the sales do in later weeks and how it does in EU and NA.

Knushwood Butt1636d ago

Getting over 13% of you customers to buy a game, after constant TV advertising, and when there has been NOTHING for months, is some kind of great achievement now?

Where are all the people that were like, 'It sold 100K, and in only 2 days!!!!' ? I see the tone has changed somewhat now sales dropped off in the second week, and sell-through is poor. Now it's like, 'Well, considering the Wii U install base is so low, these figures aren't so bad.'....

Thepcz1636d ago

i was planning on buying a wii u when this game came out. but i still wont. one game just isnt enough. that sonic game looks good. wind waker hd will be good. and also x. they all need to be out.

so it looks like i wont be getting a wii u well into next year.

hatzwontfit1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Wow pikmin 3 is really selling well. Especially considering that the Japan install base is only at 1million. I hope it has similar success when it hits the states. I know I'm getting it.

worldwidegaming1636d ago

They could focus on a lot of HD versions but, double dipping is risky business because
They do not always sell systems...
We will see during the tokyo game show.

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