Mel Gibson's Brother Expresses Interest in Voicing Mad Max Videogame, Makes Voice-Over Demo

AusGamers reportedly received a voice-over demo of Mel Gibson's brother, Donal Gibson, portraying his version of the Max character from Mad Max to show Avalanche Studios in the hope to bring the younger brother on board as the titular character.

A month back, AusGamers also started a petition to have the Max character voiced by an Australian after learning that Avalanche were going for a more "generic" American voice.

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glennco1820d ago

Donal is American, how does this solve the problem of an Aussie accent?

lashes2ashes1820d ago

Mel was born in New York. So he is also American.

B-radical1820d ago

He developed a sick ass aussie accent though i think he came to aus when he was like 12

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TripC501820d ago

Um.. his big bro was Mad Max. I think its more important he sounds like Mel from the movies than his voice strictly being any random Aussie.

Mr_Nuts1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Problem is if you look at the character model he looks like Tom Hardys version of its comimg out the same time frame as the film. I don't know im skeptical, its like when the forgotten sands were done just for the Prince of Persia movie

Gamesgbkiller1820d ago

Still its not tie to the movie.

Avalanche is doing a different story in this game.

We can expect things more than just Mad Max ( from what I read )

Len1820d ago

I saw the Mad Max movies a few days ago... OVERRATED! XD

Der_Kommandant1820d ago

Overrated? Seriously?????


Len1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Seriously dude.I thought the second one was ok but the first and third were torture to watch.

TripC501820d ago

2 Men enter...... One man leaves.

I loved that movie when I was a kid. Master Blaster Rules!!!!

Myze1820d ago

While I personally really like the movies (well, the first two), there is legitimate reasons for people to dislike them.

Many people view the bad acting (let's face it, other than Mel, the acting is pretty bad) and low budget (although they did great with the low amount they had) as insurmountable flaws. The films are about the realism (which is why there really isn't a ton of explosions and such) and creating a world with a sense of emptiness. It's one of the reasons many people enjoy Road Warrior more than the first one, because it's more flash and action.

While I really liked the first movie, I really don't see how people can watch it often, since the sense of dread/sorrow/alone, low action, bad acting (...really, there's not much dialogue, but it's bad), etc. don't make well for repeated viewing. Also, it's not like there is a lot of content that you may miss the first couple of times. Despite that, the movie is iconic for a lot of good reasons and paved the way for Road Warrior, which fixed most of the problems with the first one and lends itself much more to repeat viewings.

Thunderdome is "meh." Not terrible, but nothing iconic like the first two. Kind of similar to Road Warrior, but with a stupid/pointless plot and it's all around kind of silly.

Deadpool6161820d ago

The Mad Max movies are overrated? I think you need to watch the movies again and watch them closely. Those stuntmen really put their lives on the line.

josephayal1820d ago

MEH Max And MEH Gibson, i want gameplay

Buuhan11820d ago

If he does get it they're definitely going to need a good voice director on him, cause his line reading is pretty terrible.

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