4 Games That Have Aged Well Over The Years

GameNTrain author Christopher Carpenter writes: Due to the very nature of time, things that were once new slowly age and grow old. Because of this, games that we believed to be groundbreaking have now become obsolete in this ever changing world. However, some have managed to retain a graphical appearance that could still be considered good by today’s standards. This list aims at revealing four of those games.

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bacrec11580d ago

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Still looks (and Plays) Great.

Jyndal1580d ago

I still find Morrowind impressive. In some ways, even more impressive than Elder Scrolls IV or V.

JohnCartenper1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Prince of Persia 2008 is still one of the most visually stunning titles on any platform

guitarded771580d ago

Wow... reaching far back in the annuals of gaming lore I see.

JohnCartenper1580d ago

The first Crysis for PC from 2007

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The story is too old to be commented.