Indies react to Xbox One self-publishing policy change

Shack News: "Microsoft will now allow indie game developers to self-publish their titles on Xbox One, a reversal of their previous policy. To find out how the indie world is reacting, we reached out to several developers."

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majiebeast1851d ago

"Dant Rambo"

Coolest name ever?

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1851d ago

Microsoft doing it for the gamers..what a company.. cant wait to get my 4 pre ordered xb1, s one for each room.

GhostTurtle1851d ago

I call horse ****. M$ isnt doing it for you or any other gamer out there. They're doing it b/c they pretty much have to. Sony has had the upper leg for a while. MS is constantly doing the little things to try and keep up, and its not for the gamers. DMR, the used game bull ****. If it was for the gamers it would have never been there in the first place....

1851d ago
Cuzzo631851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

All the indie devs should thank Sony for paving the way for Micro. Without the good sportsmanship Micro had to give in... Xbox gamers should also thank Sony for not implementing that horrible Drm thing. If not for Sony..... Naaaa they will still say it was the greatest gift ever

I know I know. Here comes the disagrees and the down bubbles. Lol

Fireseed1851d ago

Does Desura, Steam, or PC get any credit for paving the way cause I'm pretty they've been doing it WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY longer.

Bladesfist1851d ago

@Fireseed Facts only count if they make Sony look good.

Cuzzo631851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Lol... Yea. But this is a thread about consoles not the pc. Look. Without the pc we wouldnt have consoles. I never said anything about pc or steam or how Sony did the pc justice. Come on guys stay with me. I jus love how the fanboys on all sides flood me with obvious facts. I just love seeing the fannies fan.
Hey I know the pc is the all powerful wizard of oz but as I stated, this is a console thread. Sony Ps4 Micro Xb1. Its funny how I bring out all the fannies lol.

Bladesfist1851d ago

@Cuzzo63 Actually the thread is about the Xbox One. You brought up the PS4 and so we brought up the PC.

ainsleyharriott1850d ago

@Cuzzo63 Forgotten about XBLIG?

Cuzzo631850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Geez. Okay. Even tho Xb1 is still a what.... Dun dun duuuuun.... HOME CONSOLE! And this publishing ordeal has been goin on with what... Dun dun duuuun.... The Xb1, formally known as a console. Once again as I stated... I dont care about steam, Xblig or what ever its called. It still has nothing to do with the Pc. Since Nintendo and Sony was named in the article, I felt the need to say consoles since the article is referencing them also... Calm down Pcssies and undercover Xbots (no disrespect to real xbox fans). By the way.... Wtf is Xblig. Is that a feature for the Xb1... I need to look that up. Lol

blackmagic1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

The point that everyone is making and that you aren't seeing yet is Sony and Microsoft didn't pave anything. The indie movement started as a two track horse buggy path on pc and developed into a major multi-laned super highway MANY years before Sony or Microsoft did anything. Sony and Microsoft, at best, have built little side roads off of it.

Cuzzo631850d ago

Ohhh my God!

I wasnt in anyway downplaying steam or anyother service. This article is talkimg about indie support on consoles and the reversal of Micros policies. My comments have nothing to do with where it all started. All I said was due to Sony's stance and support of indies that Micro has now followed suit to benefit them also. The same goes for everyth8ng else they changed. I dont kno where I said without sony paved the way for indies to thrive on all platforms or anything of that nature. Sony paved the way for Micro to get with the program and stop being douche bags about things. Am I missing something? Did I say somerhing wrong... Can anybody chime in on this because im lost. I still dont understand how im getting all these "you are wrong. Pc started it" when all I said was Sony forced Micro to change their stance on alot of issues. Thought I would get disagrees from Micro fanboys not the Pc crowd. When a article is console based and has nothing to do with bashing Pc, they always com in defending the pc like it was about that platform... maybe I was misinterpreted or maybe some jus cant help themselves. I dont kno man

blackmagic1844d ago

The incorrect assumption you are making is that Micro changed their policies because of Sony and we all have to be thankful to Sony because of it.

Sony has set it's policies and Microsoft is being forced to change it's policies because of the freedoms that indie devs have in the pc world. Too many restrictions, rules and regulations and the indie devs simply don't bother.

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mp12891851d ago

Following in the ps4's footsteps is good for the Industry and for the xbox one.

BABYLEG1851d ago ShowReplies(6)
BX811851d ago

@babyleg. There is no possible way you typed what you just did and thought anyone would take you seriously. Grow up kid, it's just a console.

1851d ago
demonddel1851d ago

I understand dude thats how annoying ya lil bastards is just make a person wanna flip out on one of y'all most times I laugh when I read these comments but other times I wish I can slap the piss out one of these lil kids extreme fan boys need to fall back a little

adorie1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Just report as spam and move on.
I feel a cloud of stupidity looming from merely have had read his or her comment. That's putting it very lightly too.

Reverent1851d ago

Catch up or not, it was a great decision that's going to bring them support.

Geezus1851d ago

i would assume some are still mad with MS but you got to think alot more are happy with the xbox getting self- publishin. devs would make way more money by going multiplat with their games than by just sticking with one console and by expanding their audience they can gain prestige and notoriety

imdaboss11851d ago

MS have drm who would buy games on can return any time

HolyDuck1851d ago

XB1 Doesn't have DRM either?!

They removed that just after E3 if I recall.

IcicleTrepan1851d ago

Right.. they'll put it back in so that they can immediately stop selling consoles since nobody will buy them again. Do you live in BC because I think you're on shrooms again.

Killa781851d ago

Seems a little too late now. They shot themselves in the foot the moment they thought gamers would accept their draconian policies.

InMyOpinion1851d ago

To be fair, how can it be too late when the console isn't even out yet??

Hicken1851d ago

Their image is tarnished. Lots of people still think they plan on having the DRM. How long will it take before word gets out to everyone that that policy has been changed?

No_Limit1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )


Dude, just stop trolling. The system isn't released yet and won't be for another 4 months. It is never too late if you are a fan of the Xbox , these reversals only means that they are serious and are listening to gamers and developers. Sony supporters like yourself that aren't getting the system regardless just spout out these usual nonsense as usual. Please, stop spamming MS news with your garbage.

baodeus1851d ago


So when Ms said they implement DRM, the new spread fast and everyone knew about it. But when they remove it, some how that news didnt go anywhere and many still didnt know about it? You don't see anything wrong with that mentality that people have?

1. Do people only like bad news?
2. Are people really that ignorant that they can't acknowledge anything beside their own preference?

Mkai281851d ago

Well, the consoles haven't come out yet.. So how can it be too late? These consoles will be supported maybe ten to twelve years..
@megaton, do you say that when you buy your mandatory camera on your phone, or how about that dreadful laptop cam? Do you put tape on your ipad device? What else will you find wrong if they reverse the kinect camera?

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4logpc1851d ago

Im so sick of next gen already.

Even when Indies are getting amazingly well treatment vs last gen, they still want to complain...When did they become all high and mighty.

All I know is Im gonna play some freaking video games come this November, and I really dont care if they came from indie or AAA...if they are fun...then I will play them.

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