Seth Killian: PlayStation All-Stars “Sold Well” and "Hopefully Will Have Some Good Stuff Coming”

In an interview with Seth Killian by Thrillo from Sturdy Pine, the lead game designer of Sony Santa Monica confirmed that the game “sold well” and shares his interest in wanting to create another balancing patch. Seth Killian, within the process, stating that he “would love to take another crack at a little bit of a balance patch [...] which the fans would be excited for.”


This interviewer's name is Thrillho, not Thrillo.

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TheRealHeisenberg1851d ago

I did not buy it. I already had this for the Wii.

Harkins17211851d ago

Its funny how people compare it to Smash Brothers and then dont, saying its own complete game.

People need to make up their minds. It wasnt a horrible game by any means but hopefully they can make a much better sequel with loads of content on Ps4.

admiralvic1851d ago

"Its funny how people compare it to Smash Brothers and then dont, saying its own complete game. "

The only funny thing is how quickly people lump together two contrasting opinions.

Some people think the game is a carbon copy of Super Smash Bros, because the HUD is somewhat similar, the concept is exactly the same (though cross over fighter is FAR from original, nor did it even start with SSB) and a lot of the concepts mirror what was seen there. Another group of people act like making it specials to kill people, lack of life / HP and unlockables makes it completely different.

In either case, you're basically saying people disagree and you think that is funny because you assume the same people contradict themselves.

nan01847d ago

@Admiralvic That's basically what he said... It's funny how people say one thing and then the other, or lump the two together. Instead of blaming harkins for doing it, it's exactly what he said and what you're doing. Confused? I almost am too.

Harkins17211846d ago

@nan0 hahaha that made me laugh. Thank you!

Misaka_x_Touma1841d ago

"saying its own complete game."

missing DLC, Content Removed, Lack of support, numerous patches, few online glitch such as teleporting and Marketing.

Yeah sure is a complete game.

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Darkfist1851d ago

too bad online is unplayable.

Veneno1848d ago

Don't know why u get disagrees. Its true. Its full of bugs. But i still love the game.

Snookies121851d ago

It is NOT like Smash Bros. I love Smash Bros. don't get me wrong, but you obviously haven't played this if you consider it the same. It's quite different in terms of mechanics.

princejb1341851d ago

I bought this game and in my opinion smash bros has a greater fun factor
I played this game for about 3 weeks before it started collecting dust while I still play smash till this day

Veneno1848d ago

It plays nothing like smash, but superbot made a huge mistake in making the HuD and other elements look like they ripped off Smash.

And that is completely on Superbot. If they really wanted to differentiate themselves then why did they make it look like Smash?

XisThatKid1851d ago

I love this game it is a great game I know very few people that played it and didn't actually like in same was. Spent days playin on high levels online. I hope further support for this game is in order. I def feel it needs a sequel done right. Hope so because I think I'm done with Smash Bros franchise.

fsfsxii1851d ago

What does Seth Killian has to do with Sony??

Thirty3Three1851d ago

He's 'been' working for SSM even before PSASBR.

fsfsxii1851d ago

Oh, my bad, didn't know that. Thanks

WeAreLegion1851d ago

Poor interviewer. I don't think English is his first language. Still a pretty good interview though. :)

GenericNameHere1851d ago

It felt awkward, but not too bad.

nevin11851d ago

He may have been nervous.

tanookisuit1851d ago

Haha, yeah I definitely noticed the awkwardness. It was like Seth didn't know if he should speak or...

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