Tales of Symphonia Chronicles’s Vesperia Outfits Can Be Unlocked Two Ways

Famitsu reports how Tales of Symphonia Chronicles’s Vesperia costumes will be available.

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Kamikaze1351550d ago

I'm looking forward to the game, but for some strange reason, those costumes look like they don't belong......

Xof1550d ago

Fanservice-y outfits don't really mesh with chibi-style character design.

kayoss1550d ago

Is it me or does it look like chun li's costume?

jc485731550d ago

dude, just release Vesperia to the West. Problem solved.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1550d ago

Why would I want to unlock outfits from the worst Tales game in existance? I can't believe they added that garbage in that to begin with. It's better to just play the original version instead of the screwed up remake.

blackblades1550d ago

Well guess we NAs gotta unlock from the 1st option since they never released vesperia on ps3 in NA. Another thing they can make a HD collection of symphonia and add new outfits but they couldn't localise vesperia.