Aisha Tyler Gets Her Game On With Ubisoft The Hollywood actress and big-time gamer ventured to San Diego Comic Con for Archer and Ubisoft. Aisha Tyler talks video games in this exclusive interview.

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creHEARTive1702d ago

Ubisoft did right by hiring Aisha Tyler, just don't let her MC anymore press conferences.

Donnieboi1702d ago

I only seen her when she hosted E3 for Ubi. It was awkward at first but she loosened up after a few strange jokes. Why do u say it's a good thong to hire someone if your not even gonna let them do their job. What's the point?

HammadTheBeast1702d ago


I don't really like her. She makes way too many awkward jokes and while she's enthusiastic, it's kind of ... I dunno.

If you see her on Jimmy Fallon's show, he's so creeped out by her. And she makes everyone feel bad by wearing 7 inch heels.

1702d ago
Sevir1702d ago

She's an absolute beautiful woman... I like the fact that she games. :-)


beautiful and she's like peanut-butter and chocolate!

1702d ago
Bigpappy1702d ago

She is comfortable with who she is and what she likes. She also happens to be a very attractive woman. If I met her I would hit on her and hope she approves.

gamerlive1702d ago

She's a hardcore gamer and knows her stuff

WeAreLegion1702d ago

Aisha seems pretty cool when she's not hosting a conference. Why is it that some people become absolute clowns on stage, even without a script? That's so weird.

That being said, I miss Mr. Caffeine. He is America's sweetheart.

iceman061702d ago

Well....her jokes are usually more...dirty. She has some pretty raunchy material. Maybe it's just the adjustment. I think of that like I think of hosting the Oscars or Grammys. Most of the host are pretty meh, but they are usually pretty great outside of the hosting gigs.

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The story is too old to be commented.