Rob Clarke Talks Stealth Inc: We “Never Imagined it Would Eventually Become a PlayStation Game”

2D stealth is a genre that isn't attempted often, few try it, and even fewer actually get it right. Curve Studios, makers of Explodemon, are throwing their hat into the ring with Stealth Inc. We had the opportunity to sit down with Rob Clarke, PR and Marketing Manager of the studio, where he told me that lasers should be in every single videogame ever. We believe him.

- PlayStation LifeStyle

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ftwrthtx1581d ago

This game is perfect for the Vita.

Pixel_Enemy1581d ago

I am loving this on Vita. I have been playing a lot of indie/platformers like Thomas was alone, Limbo, Retro City Rampage and sound shapes.

I just wish Flower and Journey were on vita too. That game company needs to get on it.

1581d ago
teflontactics1581d ago

Nice article, I love to hear stuff like this.

knifefight1580d ago

It's a feel-good kind of read, isn't it?
Way better than the console-war flambait BS that makes up 80% of game news aggregates these days -_-

XisThatKid1581d ago

Nice I love this game, I had this game for a day and its the perfect fit for this system. I was looking for N+ to get on my Vita but his will be more than enough. Now I need a replacement for Infected

WeAreLegion1581d ago

I thought you meant the PSP game Infected at first. I thought I wasn't alone... :/

Infected/Pandemic are amazing though! I'd love to see something like them on the Vita.

XisThatKid1581d ago

NO I def mean Infected for PSP I loved that and really wish they would have brought it to PSN to DL on my PSV. MANY hours of travel spent with that game.

WeAreLegion1581d ago

WHAT?!? Freakin' A! I wish they would at least release it as a download for Vita owners. Two analog sticks would have made that game perfect.