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Why PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Should Be Supported

Chris Penwell and Jordan Slo give an insightful look on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and why it should be supported. Brand protection, lack of clarity, fan support, the broken nature of the game and false promises are discussed.

NOTE: This conversation took place before the Gravity Rush stage/Menu Designs were leaked. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

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Gamesgbkiller  +   463d ago
I didn't get the chance to play it online.

My internet speed suck :(
christine11martin   463d ago | Spam
r21  +   463d ago
Do you mean your matchmaking keeps getting errors? If so, I may have a fix for that.
Gamesgbkiller  +   463d ago

More like disconnect in the middle of the match.

Sometimes I don't find anyone to play with.
r21  +   463d ago
Thats most likely unstable connection with the host OR the host rage quitting.

To find matches faster and ones that are stable, for me this worked, just keep disconnecting from the matchmaker if it doesnt find a match in less than a minute. Longer than that, it'll be harder to find people. Disconnect then quickly connect, rinse and repeat till match is found.

Very tedious but at least a temp fix till SSM fixes the matchmaking.
XisThatKid  +   463d ago
Yea its the best "Smash Bros clone" made to date great replay value it's great party fighter like its spiritual predecessors. Easy to play hard to master kind of thing, great game of strategy and decision making on high levels.

It deserves support and potential sequel don't with care and more thought get the kinks out. It'll be a given that the roster will have more fan favs and such keep The scoring system maybe add some more no percentages IMO. There is still much to come from this game if given the proper support. It's very passionate and avid fan base and community will greatly appreciate it. But still cry about everything lol. LET PSAS LIVE!!!!

or at least an entry in the PS plus IGC for so many potential buyers that was on the fence about it. Best played with friends and not online anyway but nline isn't as bad as people say.

I think I'ma play right now...
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jukins  +   463d ago
Would love to see another balance patch and more so a sequel that's given the attention the original game should have had.
HeavenlySnipes  +   463d ago
Should be free to play with more characters unlocked by buying them

Would do a lot better if it were advertised as free for all PS gamers and lots of people would end up buying more characters
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porkChop  +   463d ago
No. That is not a trend that I would want to start. I don't want to have to buy all the characters. First it'll be characters, then it'll be different special moves, then they'll start charging for different combos, etc. I'd rather just buy the game and not have to worry about crap like that.
Kevlar009  +   463d ago
I'd love to see a sequel, even though I don't own a PS3, just to see what they can do knowing what they did wrong, what people want, and knowing there is a devoted fanbase

As fun as it is, the original Smash Bros was never perfect, it was unique, fun and had 12 characters you loved. With Melee and Brawl you could tell Smash Bros was a legitimate franchise. Hopefully the devs for All-Stars get the same support Nintendo gave HAL
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Starbucks_Fan  +   463d ago
$20 at GS right now
FlameHawk  +   463d ago
And its cross-buy so you get it on vita for free. Makes me want to buy a Vita with all the free games from plus.
Soldierone  +   463d ago
They should make a second one and instead of being afraid of "copying SSB" just don't care and do it anyways. Honestly I want a health bar and the ability to get points by knocking people off maps. Its just what you expect to do.

The whole super thing is fine, it just gets annoying after several rounds. They also need to work harder to get classic characters in the game. It shouldn't have been released without Crash and Spyro.
WeAreLegion  +   463d ago
I hope they give us a Power Stone type of mode in the next one.

I'm sure there WILL BE a next one, by the way. Different name.
Novistador  +   463d ago
The game is so bad they are dropping support less than a year after release.
TheLastGuardian  +   463d ago
Very underrated game. I've played it nearly everyday since it came out. I can't believe I'm not sick of it yet. Wish they would make more stages and characters.
Darkfist  +   463d ago
theres already a fanbase for the game, they just need to add more modes,content, like health bar, half of the character dont need to change their movesets.
Ethereal  +   462d ago
I agree. This game was underrated. It would be awesome to see continued support. I would easily buy more characters and a menu revamp would be extremely welcome.

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