Editorial: Why I miss SEGA in the Console Wars [GAMINGtruth]

Shawn Long remembers when SEGA took the necessary risks in attempt to be the best console manufacturer, making the industry better as a result.

"The day that SEGA died as a console manufacturer was a deadly blow to the video game industry. One that I think is showing more prevalent now then ever before."

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majiebeast1699d ago

Can you imagine telling people in the early 90's that Sonic would be exclusive to a Nintendo console and that they are in games together. I think the industry wouldve been better with Sega,Sony and Nintendo.

Cam_is_16bit1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

As an old SEGA fan, I never would have imagined the day I'd see Sonic on a Nintendo console.

I also really miss the old console war. It was actually fun to be a part of. These days it's all about nitpicking over specification minutia.

majiebeast1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

There was no internet back then so the console war was fought by Sega and Nintendo more so then their fans. But i do remember i had a Snes and a buddy of mine later on got a Genesis dont think we ever fought over what was the better console. Except i was jealous of Streets of Rage,Golden Axe and Shinobi seeing as i only had platformers,Super Metroid,Starfox and Jrpgs.

Sega should have accepted Sony's offer to make a console together can you imagine it the Sega Playstation where Skies of Arcadia and Final Fantasy 7 are on the same console.

LaWiiG1699d ago

The Dreamcast and Saturn are the epitome of console advancement. It was the time point where other companies couldn't see the future because Sega had already been there. Not to mention, Nintendo already failed with the Virtual Boy.