Ride To Hell: Retribution Is Perhaps The Worst Game Of This Gen, Hilarious Video Emerges

DSOGaming writes: "A lot of gamers claim that Ride To Hell: Retribution is the worst game of this generation. However, we are not sure whether we should give this award to Deep Silver's title or to Fast & Furious Showdown. Well okay, after the video - that was shared by YouTube's member 'motdef' - we have to admit that Eutechnyx's title is a bit worse than Activision's racer. So go ahead and find out why this is considered among the worst games that have been released in the past few years!"

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Craigatorian1700d ago

This is my favorite game of all time

SpiralTear1700d ago, that's a lot of bugs. I think Big Rigs and Superman 64 have a new drinking buddy.

Also, the "YOU'RE WINNER" message was perfectly appropriate.

john21700d ago

the force is strong with this one. As PostMesmeric said, Big Rigs has a new buddy

Jyndal1700d ago

How the hell did this even get to a release stage?
I've seen pre-alpha games that have nowhere near the issues this game has.

stonecold31700d ago

this game look promising once look like I will pass on this one

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