BeamNG Showcases Its First Racing Game That Will Be Powered By Its Next-Gen Physics Engine

BeamNG has released a new video from its first racing game that is currently under development. This racing game is in alpha build, will be powered by Torgue 3D - as well as the amazing next-gen physics engine of BeamNG - and there isn't any ETA for it as of yet.

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JunioRS1011702d ago

Alright, just make sure this engine gets put into GTA VI

cyguration1702d ago


Dude... RAGE already has this!

It's disabled on the console version of GTA IV but you can re-enable these features with the realism mod for the PC version of GTA IV.

GuyThatPlaysGames1702d ago

Car is sliding wayyyy to easily

Lvl_up_gamer1702d ago

could be because he is spinning his tires by accelerating too fast causing the tires to melt and become slippery.

It is a "next gen" physics engine, so it could be that. Or....they just don't know how to program proper physics for their engine...

Autodidactdystopia1702d ago

naww man.

the sounds don't match whats happening with the tires.

also you don't know how many horsepower is being put in through torque.

beamng is a continuation of rigs of rods.

this is the best you can get at the moment for realtime destruction of vehicles this tech rocks but its not been officially published in any paid game... yet..

check their hill tumble video

General Shrooms1701d ago

orrrrr it's just not finished.

PositiveEmotions1702d ago

I'll give them credit for trying

husomc1702d ago

looks like it's a slow news day. this is very old news.

sigfredod1701d ago

Way tto alpha to show, i didn´t like it a bit, but since is alpha i cannot trash it either, lets wait and see