GS News - Xbox One Kinect to stay, Activision calls out immaturity

GameSpot - Microsoft still believe in the Kinect and are reversing their indie policy, Activision sick of "immature, whiny a**holes" abusing Call of Duty devs.

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Rhaigun1819d ago

Activision sick of abusive, whiny a*holes? Isn't that kind of like the pot calling the kettle black?

Rhaigun1819d ago

So, you're saying Bobby Kotic has never been out of line? Ever?

Where were you this gen?

Septic1819d ago

When did I say that?

Bobby Kotic being "out of line" equates to Activision being "whiny a*holes"?

Please elaborate.

CalvinKlein1819d ago

yeah activision only refuses to pay the bonuses they owe for their biggest money maker devs and then gets rid of the creators of their biggest milky nipple. There is no way they are also abusing cod developers.

Also, who the efff do activision think their biggest supporters are, little kids and cry baby gamers obsessed with K/D ratio and dont care about winning or the objective in their game.

Baka-akaB1819d ago

Nonetheless the way they BS through their teeth would attract those like flies . Well i for one wont be having any headache about them and cod particularly , while i still eagerly expect Destiny

FlameHawk1819d ago

Price is a big deal when buying a console and especially when there is a console for $100 less. They will lose some people because of the price but just like when people bought a 360 because the PS3 was too expensive. Mostly because it will be parents who will be buying the consoles for some and they will always go for the cheaper console especially during Christmas.

GameCents1819d ago

I want Kinect in the box and I want it mandatory if it means more developers are going to put features in their games that enhance my experience.

If there is one stance I hope MS stick with, this is it.

I want to know that every RPG with customization will allow me to map my face onto the character.
I want gestures like holding out my hand to stop bullets in the next gen Matrix game (shut up, it is so coming!!)
I want my freaking Minority Report experience!!

BitbyDeath1819d ago

The features are mostly voice oriented. MS should add a Mic onto the controller/box and do away with the mandatory Kinect. Would be much cheaper then and the useful features would still be possible

GameCents1819d ago

The features I mentioned are not voice orientated. I like the voice commands too but I like how K2 knows my face and will switch to my settings and profile every time I pick up the controller.
I dabble in Fifa so this is great for tournaments because there is always that guy who has to change his settings and waste time.

Then there's face mapping. If they do this properly then it is a feature I want with every RPG, can't do that with a mic.

Seriously though, I want Minority Report! I want Kinect to let me dump my stats on to my smartglass tablet with a gesture Iron Man style.
Probably won't happen though.

zerocrossing1819d ago

Instead of making the Kinect 2 mandatory Microsoft should be proving incentive for consumers to want to purchase it, if we saw a "genuine" presentation that actually showed off Kinect 2 giving us a proper Minority Report experience and a few games that support the Kinect 2 showing us how it actually makes them better instead of twice as bad and/or near unplayable, then I'd probably be on board instead of on the fence.

GameCents1819d ago

Microsoft need to give DEVELOPERS incentive to create Kinect content. That is the key to Kinect success. That incentive comes in the form of mandatory Kinect.
In turn, we as consumers are rewarded with content from almost every developer for our device. This instead of buying Kinect because of one cool incentive from MS and only for it to be underutilized by other devs ala Move/PSEye.

Bigpappy1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

'BitbyDeath' is misinformed. Kinect will be a part of almost everything you do in some games. It will use voice and gesture while you play the game with the CONTROLLER. It will monitor you reactions and adjust some games dynamically (right there and then). In some it with have your on screen character react as you react on the sofa (dodge, lean, block...). In others, you can free a hand to case spells or push off attackers.

These are only the controller based games that I have read about. The only non controller info I read about came from Rare, who said they can now do thinks with fingers and wrist movement.

So to say "The features are mostly voice oriented." is completely underselling why Kinect is mandatory.

zerocrossing1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Why the hell not just release an Xbox One without the Kinect 2?

Like many others I have absolutely no interest in anything Kinect related, so in bundling the Xbox One along with it they are loosing out on potential sales.

Bigpappy1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I think you are a perfect candidate for a brand new PS4 or wii-U. There will never be a Kinect on either of those consoles. I promise you this.

Can't get every customer. Neither should they want every customer.

Can you go to BMW and tell them to change the grill to look more like the Audi? They will call an Audi sales rep to come and pick you up. Same applies here.

zerocrossing1819d ago

The difference is that no matter what car I get the way I drive it will only ever change ever so slightly.

Now that Microsoft are attempting to put a Kinect 2 in the homes of every Xbox One owner, you can be damn sure they're going to focus more on Kinect based games and pushing it's features to justify it.

GameCents1819d ago

BMW > AUDI just as One80 >...

Hufandpuf1819d ago

either buy the XB1 and not use the Kinect functionality or buy another system. The Kinect use is OPTIONAL, but the system requires it to be connected in order to turn on. As long as it's attached to the system, you don't have to use it.

zerocrossing1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I know this, but why in the world would a company be so obnoxious as to design a console that is unusable without a peripheral most gamers don't even want in the first place?

I'll tell you why, because Microsoft knows the original Kinect failed to appeal to core gamers so they are making sure every one of their consumers has one, so they can justify pushing Kinect support and it's features further in their future titles.

Bigpappy1819d ago

@Zero: So what is wrong with M$ forcing the direction they want for their console? Did gamers ask Nintendo for a touch screen controller? Did Gamers ask Sony to put an expensive Blu-ray Dive in PS3, to create a $600 console? No! But they when a head and did it anyway.

Businesses have to take calculated risk to be leaders and be truly successful. So the choice is your as a customer (Buy or move on).

strigoi8141819d ago

Hey Activision im sick of being immature thats why i am not buying Call of Duty Ghosts..