Interview with Troy Baker and Roger Craig Smith on Batman: Arkham Origins

Molly of Ghost Volta: "We sat down with Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker, voice actors for Batman and the Joker in the upcoming Warner Bros. game Batman: Arkham Origins. During our interview, the voice actors discussed the magnitude of playing such iconic characters, their preparation for their roles, fan backlash, and just how scary interviewing near the San Diego Naval Base can be."

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ceedubya91700d ago

I don't think Troy sleeps. He must work 24/7.

majiebeast1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Troy has very big shoes to fill(get it he is playing the joker)

HeavenlySnipes1700d ago

Troy Baker is next gens Nolan North

cyguration1700d ago

Those two were pretty cool. That was an awesome interview. Thanks for sharing that.

Amazing how down to Earth those two were.

MollyPopGirl1700d ago

They were a lot of fun. I talked to one of the developers while demoing the game and he said that they eventually couldn't have the two record at the same time because they wouldn't get anything done. You can tell they really enjoy each other's company and have a lot of respect for each other.

MKDA_Scorpion1700d ago

Wow. I can't believe Troy Baker is going to be Joker. That's going to be awesome. Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4/Golden), Vincent (Catherine), and November 11 (Darker Than Black anime) Joel (The Last Of Us) and Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite) . As well as Batman is going to be voice by none other than Voice Actor for Ezio (Assassin's Creed II/Brotherhood/Revelations). Wow, my excitement level has peaked. As talented as Troy Baker is and of course Ezio Auditore, this game will by no means disappoint.