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Top 5 Metal Gear Retcons

Game Informer - Few video game series have stories that are as complicated, twisting, and bizarre as Metal Gear’s. As if all of the nanomachines and genetic mumbo-jumbo weren’t confusing enough, the franchise sometimes has trouble getting its own facts straight. Several games contradict each other on various topics – though some of the incongruities are more significant than others. Here are our five favorite retcon ("retroactive continuity") moments from the series, where it takes previous facts and changes them. Be warned: spoilers ahead for all Metal Gear titles. (Culture, Metal Gear)

TheAmericnDream  +   554d ago
Nanomachines. It's all nanomachines. All the time.
Nazara  +   554d ago
Most retcony series ever. And I totally love it still.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   554d ago
None of those are retcons. I don't think the author even knows what a retcon is.

The first one for example. How Snake is a biological clone of Big Boss. Just because it isn't brought up in MG doesn't mean it isn't the fact of the matter.

Liquid's arm? It was quite clearly explained Ocelot induced self-brainwashing so that he believed he was Liquid.

The Dr. Madnar part...well, I think we've seen people in the series survive worse. I.e. Vamp taking a bullet to the forehead.

As for Dr.Clark. Usually Doctor is followed by the person's last name. So would it be hard to believe para-medic's last name is Clark?

As for the age discrepancies. Can't you just explain that with the suspension of time? Just because the Project was completed at x time, it doesn't mean it didn't start much earlier time. Last I checked, something as crazy as creating living clones probably takes more than then your weekend afternoon.

Ambiguity exists so sequels can. Just because it doesn't match your image of the truth doesn't mean it's a retcon.
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Nazara  +   554d ago
Those are retcons. They alter our understanding of previously established facts.

1) the retcon is that bb told ss in mg2. This never actually happened in mg2 at any point.
2) in mgs2 it's presented that liquid snake is possessing ocelot. Mgs4 rewrites this fact.
3) surviving obvious death is a retcon
4) dr Clark is referred to as a he in mgs1. He is changed to a female in mgs4
5) dates/ages were changed in later games, a retcon
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Heisenburger  +   554d ago
My favorite is that Ocelot was trying to save Big Boss all along. It makes going through MGS2 even better having played through four.
The_Sneauxman  +   554d ago
I think some of the retcons are there because Kojima probably had no initial plans for the continuity of the series to this point and to at least preserve art didn't go back and change rather decided to make changes in the coming games..

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