Game Scoop: Are Games Getting Better?

IGN - Are developers making better games today than they were 30 years ago?

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ape0071640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

games are mostly AAA and very very high quality these days but they lack diversity and creativity and all look samey i mean Watch dogs, shadow fall, the division and bf4 and cod ghosts, they all has the same look and feel overall

i missed great diversity and well structured single player with more freedom, i miss FPS games that as structure like goldeneye007, perfect dark, red faction 1, turok 1 and 2 half life 1 and 2, time splitters, the world is not enough (N64 version)

i miss classic fps games like doom, quake, duke nukem, duke nukem: zero hour and Hexen

I missed games like crazy taxi, sega rally, burnout, wave race, tony hawk pro skater,

i missed games like shadow man, soul reaver and castelvania, berserk:guts rage(masterpieces)

i missed horror games like Resi (1,2, code veronica and 4), silent hill

don't get me wrong, games today are great but aren't as creative as the old games they try so hard to be immersive rather than an actual meat