Blizzard & SOE Veterans creating the Perfect MMO with NCSoft foundings

Did you ever imagine Blizzard, SOE & NCSoft working together and creating the perfect MMO? Well your dream is almost real. Today a new company with veterans from Sony Online Entertainment and Blizzard was announced. San Diego based Molten Games announced that they are working on a free-to-play AAA online PC game with multimillion dollar budget from NCSoft.

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Pisque1671d ago

Interesting. But greater budget doesn't mean greater game.

CLOUD19831671d ago

Only NC have devs that create games I like like L2, Aion & Blade & Soul, not Blizz & not SOE, & NC help just by giving money so I don't have gr8 expectations for this project at all but anyway let's see what they can do.

Baka-akaB1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Quite frankly the only stellar Ncsoft titles i can think of so far , are just publishing under their wing : the guild wars series .

I have mild hope for Blade and Soul given it's action feel , but that's it ... the rest was eye candy grind borefest be it in pve or pvp , and i'm afraid B&S would follow that path

CLOUD19831671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Well we have different tastes I like MMORPGs with open PvP worlds & PvP-focused in general, only L2 was like this Aion is PvP-based but it doesn't have a seamless open world there is a lot of load screens in place & u cant kill any1 like in L2 only chars from the opponent faction & B&S also doesn't have a seamless world this game rely on load screens also every time u change an area but at least it's not faction based so PvP in this game must be clan-based with clan-wars something like that, anyway I still w8 for a modern Lineage 2 with action-based battle system same style open PvP/PK no restrictions no barriers freedom to kill any1 out of towns, clan wars, sieges etc I find a game that is going to be like this but we wont see it for at least 2 more years :/ here a trailer if any1 have the same tastes with me (L2 fans) & want to check it:

Apophiss20041671d ago

New companies tend to deliver some unique concepts and build great games but they lack the fundings to implement all the ideas.

With a team made by old Blizzard & SOE developers + the $$$ from NCSoft i don't think they will fail.

Apophiss20041671d ago

Add Open World PvP with some end game content to a grinding game and you have the perfect MMO.

On what you said Cloud, I don't think that Black Desert will be a huge hit. I am a Lineage2 fan also and i'm w8ing for years for something similar to be released but i am afraid i will die with that desire :)

The only one close to L2 i think it will be ArcheAge. Also i have some hopes for the NAT Games company to deliver something good.

Also rumors are that NCSoft is working on Aion 2 and Lineage 3 so who knows ...

Baka-akaB1671d ago

What's the title even supposed to mean ? Blizzard on it's own got as much if not more funds than Ncsoft ...

I know i know , it's about ex blizzard staff working for Ncsoft here , but still it's poorly worded imo

nukeitall1671d ago

I agree, very misleading title!