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Dead Rising 3 Preview (Gamerhub)

The zombies are back...but can they handle next gen? (Dead Rising 3, Xbox One)

gamerlive  +   650d ago
This game looks like a killer app for Xbox One.
Kanzes  +   650d ago
Wait till Halo released :)
PFFT  +   650d ago
Day one baby! Cant wait!
creHEARTive  +   650d ago
this looks like the premiere launch tittle for Xbox.
ceedubya9  +   650d ago
Day 1
fenixm  +   650d ago
This is a must buy game. I wonder at what framerate the game is gonna run but regardless, day one buy.
Neoninja  +   650d ago
This game is gonna be so fun with coop! Wonder if they're gonna show any more locations in future previews.
ohcatrina  +   650d ago
Had my suspicions, but this game looks great. :)
MiasmaDodo  +   650d ago
If I get an X1 this would be my Day 1.

It looks pretty Epic, and I hear the zombies have intestines that spill out!

next gen looking cool
paranoid1971  +   650d ago
"Dead Rising 3 introduces a simplistic crafting system, one where you can put together cool combination weapons, provided you have the right tools to put it into place"

Just like Dead rising 2 then.
psych  +   650d ago
Not exactly, Dead Rising 2 & Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (as well as Case Zero & Case West) required you to have the exact items to make a combo weapon.

In Dead Rising 3 there is an series of unlockable upgrades on your attributes page which allows substitution of similar items to make combo weapons, the Mauler for example is made with a samurai sword and a machete but can be created using a bowie knife instead of a machete.

My only (minor) complaint about this amazing upgrade to the crafting system is that using a substitute item doesn't alter the appearance of the crafted weapon, as in when you substitute a bowie knife for a machete in the Mauler it still shows the machete, not a bowie knife.
Jyndal  +   650d ago
I'm tired of the endless shelves full of zombie games.
How about something a bit more original?
golding89  +   650d ago
lol sure you are tired of them.
DDDGirlGamer85  +   650d ago
looks cool!
golding89  +   650d ago
This game will be epic! :)
thetruthx1  +   649d ago
If I hadn't already planned to get this game day one seeing him throw a sword into a zombies face then running up to kick the said zombie in the face would've sealed the deal :)

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