Gearbox has no plans for second Borderlands 2 season pass

Borderlands 2's upcoming Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 and subsequent downloadable content will not be included for season pass holders because "that season has ended," Gearbox told Polygon today.

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guitarded771736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

This season pass thing is turning into a load of bullspit. Just give season pass holders all the DLC. When it first started, that was the idea... but now they drag out more and more DLC over a longer period of time offering less with each DLC release, and expect us to pay even more after we already bought the game and the damn season pass. I'm not naive to think the DLC doesn't cost money to make, but damn... they're just milking the tit dry. I guess it could be worse, they could do like Bioshock Infinite and sell the season pass and not release any DLC.

vickers5001736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

"Just give season pass holders all the DLC. When it first started, that was the idea"

Gearbox made it very clear that the season pass only gave you access to the first four pieces of story DLC. If you were confused and thought it granted you access to every piece of DLC, even unplanned DLC, then you have no one but yourself to blame for not doing research before buying.

And to state the obvious, you don't have to buy it. Damn, it seems as though (based on reading peoples comments about it)some people seem to just despise DLC in any form, regardless of the context, quality or cost. I bet there are people who would prefer that Gearbox stop making DLC all together for the sole reason that extra content makes them FEEL like they got ripped off or that they didn't get a complete game, even if the game was longer than any other game, or at least most games, released today.

To those of you who feel this way: how about looking at what you got for your initial purchase first before complaining? Pretend you didn't know anything about DLC: Did your initial purchase excel at providing you a ton of quality content, more so than most other games? Did you enjoy it a lot? Did you get a lot of hours out of it? Did it feel polished? If you had a great time with whatever game, before knowing that DLC was on the horizon, then you got your moneys worth. You are not getting ripped off. If the answer to most of those questions was no, then next time, just wait for GoTY edition to come out and go on sale. Although I would be very hard pressed to find somebody who thought Borderlands 2 vanilla (no-dlc version) didn't have enough content. Everyone I've heard who has played B2 has been completely satisfied with just the main BL2 game.

Your initial purchase does NOT entitle you every piece of DLC that comes out after the game releases. Add up all the playtime you get out of the current season pass DLC, and it's basically a brand new games length of content. And you only had to pay 30 bucks for all of it, 30 bucks for what equates to almost a sequels worth of content. Some of you are a bit too entitled and seem to just expect everything for free, regardless of how much content you're actually getting or how hard the developers worked to make that content, which you don't have to buy, and which they didn't have to make.

showtimefolks1736d ago

actually the idea for season pass should be that we get everything, why? because we are willing to invest 60 plus tax for game and another 30 for season pass so we are investing almost $100 up front

borderlands turned gearbox into greedy bastards, first of all the dlc packs were as good as the 1st game and secondly they made the game a camp fest

camp at a boss beat him 30 times just to get decent loot, first game rewarded you well but 2nd game all i see if people hacking to get great weapons

played the game 2-3 times yet never got one good machine gun, hacked the saved got all of them

even though 1st game barely had a single player story i still enjoyed it a lot more personally and dlc packs were great too.

here goes another developer that sees value into charging the consumer for as much as possible

TronEOL1736d ago

Just a quick reply, there's a large difference between a "Story DLC Bundle" and a Season Pass.

Story DLC bundle is a bundle of story DLC for a percentage off.

Season Pass is ALL DLC RELEASED DURING THAT SEASON (Year, in most cases, IE NHL/NFL/NBA Season Pass).

Quality or amount of time per content doesn't make them neglecting the system any better. They're still doing it wrong.

vickers5001736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

So, assuming that there are going to be four more DLC packs that are similar to the ones we have now, you expect to pay only $30 dollars for something that's pretty much worth around $120 dollars? An entire season pass worth is basically a full game, at least in terms of length. I won't bring up the issue of quality because that is completely subjective, some like the DLC they provided, some don't.

Season pass #1 (almost a full games worth of content = Worth $60 bucks if you look at it in terms of length, but they only charged $30 bucks for it

Season pass #2 (assuming it's like the first season pass) = Potentially worth another $60 bucks, but they will only charge, well I'm not sure at this point since they said "no plans for a season pass", but it could be either $30 with a season pass purchase, or $40 if they ONLY release them individually.

So basically $60 or $70 bucks for two games worth of DLC. I think that's a reasonable price considering what they're giving us.

I won't argue with your issue about the loot in Borderlands 2, because I agree 100%, that part of the game sucks, but if you have friends who have acquired oranges through duping/trading/forum trading, etc., the game is a lot better.

But when it comes to the issue of whether or not you're getting a good or bad deal, I personally don't see how you can say gearbox is greedy. You only paid 30 bucks for quite a lot more BL2 content, do you really expect them to work their asses off even more for no extra charge, after they've already given you a ton of DLC for a reasonable price?

I suppose in the end, the "worth" of something is decided only by the individual, and even though YOU might not think that the 1st season pass was worth it, surely you can understand how someone else might think it WAS worth it?

And I will state again, if you don't like it, don't buy it. The DLC isn't really an essential part of the experience, it's simply an EXTRA. Not necessary to enjoy the game or get a long, great and fun campaign out of BL2. The extra DLC is for those that really love the game, such as myself.

I think some people are getting hung up on the actual meaning of the word season pass. Since LA Noire (I believe that was the first game with a season pass) gave all of its dlc away as part of the season pass, people thought that was what a season pass would be from now on. The fact is that they simply decided not to make any more content because they didn't need to.

The new unreleased BL2 DLC wasn't planned in the beginning, it was a reaction to the success of the current season pass. That $30 you paid was just for four DLC packs, and they made that crystal clear before the game even came out.

PeacePolice1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

The concept of a season pass is pretty simple, you pay for all DLC at a discounted price with a single purchase. That' all I have to say on the subject.

blanket141736d ago

than why would people buy a season pass? battlefield 3 premium aka season pass gets you everything they have and they say ea sucks haha

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NukaCola1736d ago

There should be a distinct difference between a real Season Pass and a buy 3 get one free card. Look at LA Noire. That was a season pass. You pay once and you got everything at no additional cost.

guitarded771736d ago

That's all I'm trying to say. Initially the idea of the season pass was a way for gamers to secure the DLC at one price, and the devs to get their money to pay for the development of the DLC.

Then you have the "defenders" like vickers500 above (note: I didn't read all of his dribble. Just enough to know that his comment doesn't warrent a response) who act like this never ending milking is the way it should be. It's confusing to gamers. Uncharted 3 did the same thing with the Fortune Hunter's Club. I like the games, just don't like the practice of the never ending milking of DLC.

vickers5001736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I didn't play LA Noire or get the season pass, but based on what the description says you get, it doesn't sound like you get very much.

The two main DLC packs for L.A. Noire seem to be "Nicholson Electroplating", an hours worth of content,

and Reefer Madness, another hours worth of content

and the consuls car, which was pre-order dlc, which doesn't really count but I'll add it anyway, which added an hour as well.

and the rest seems to be just weapon and costume dlc

Lets look at the averages for the Borderlands 2 DLC, the combined/all categories, non completionist

Pirate DLC: 7 hours
Torgue DLC: 6 hours
Hammerlock: 8 and a half
Tiny Tina: 8 hours

Clearly the Borderlands 2 season pass offers A LOT more content than the L.A. Noire season pass, unless wiki was wrong and there's a ton more unlisted content. So really, there is no comparison in terms of value, you get far more content from BL2 season pass than you do from the LA Noire season pass.

"note: I didn't read"

I suspect that's something you rarely do before you decide to comment. You refuse to have an actual debate because you're too afraid to be proven wrong. I provided arguments to everything you said, I did not insult you directly, how is my comment drivel? Oh yeah, it's because you think anyone that disagrees with anything you say, doesn't have a valid opinion.

_FantasmA_1736d ago

I've only bought one Season Pass, and it was terrible. They want the money upfront, and once that happens, they can give you absolute crap because they already conned you. I hate DLC anyways, and paying half the price of the game for some mystery DLC is bad business. Then again game developers have always been bad business. Next thing you know, they are going to be asking for more money after a new game becomes a sold game.

FarCryLover1821736d ago

Well, the season pass said that it only covers 4 DLC's.

With the Bioshock Infinite season pass, would you rather have had the DLC like a month or two after release? If they released it so close to release then people would be complaining about how they took content away to sell as DLC. I like how they are working on the DLC after the main game ships which makes it known that nothing was cut.
However, it'd have been nice if they gave some sort of hint as to what the DLC's will entail like a story hint, etc...

Master-H1736d ago

Just bring on the GOTY version when the DLCs are done and i'm cool with that.

_FantasmA_1736d ago

I want the GOTY with all the bugs and everything. I just hope the game is playable cause 1 was fun but so buggy.

RickHiggity1736d ago

This is why I'm hesitant to buy games now. I picked up Borderlands 2 and the season pass and there's still DLC I'm missing. And when I play the game, I feel like I'm missing something. Fuck it!!!!

ApolloTheBoss1736d ago

This is exactly why I'm waiting for the GOTY edition. I want EVERYTHING in one big package.

Mikeyy1736d ago

I know that feel bro. I took the plunge into BL2 with the steam Summer sale. Got BL2 for $10 and the season pass for $10.

Then I scroll down the dlc list and noticed I don't get half the content that is available for this game... This isn't a good practice. Next time they need to offer an all inclusive season pass or stop calling it a season pass

ToxicNitro1735d ago

Seems you misread the Season Pass.
It clearly states only the 4 DLC add-ons: Captain Scarlett, Mr. Torgue, Sir Hammerlock, Tiny Tina and the UVHP.

If you pre-ordered the game, you get a Premiere Club DLC pack which included some of the others.

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