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Microsoft's Stopped the Xbox One Rot, But PS4 Is a Step Ahead

Push Square: "Vision is a word that Microsoft likes to use a lot. "Our vision is that every person can be a creator," said corporate vice president Marc Whitten earlier today, following the platform holder’s second massive Xbox One-Eighty in as many months. Following a unanimous panning from pretty much the entirety of the development community, the Redmond-based manufacturer has now confirmed that it will allow self-publishing on the Xbox One. Well, at some point within the system’s first year on the market – it’s a vision, remember." (PS4, Xbox One)

MariaHelFutura  +   854d ago | Intelligent
After the all the 180's it just a more expensive less capable Ps4.
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allformats  +   854d ago
Oh but you're wrong. The rot still continues. It'll only die when Microsoft stop requiring Kinect as part of the Xbox One package.
Kanzes  +   854d ago
As for me, who's buying the console, I really don't want Kinect become optional. I want it stays like that.. and many people in my neighbourhood, who's buying the xbox one also doesn't want it removed too

It's a great thing in my opinion, there are already cool features implemented in some games too.
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Mr_Nuts  +   854d ago

Thats just being a little selfish though, if it's optional then everyone can enjoy it but if it stays then it means it splits the fanbase because people don't want to be forced paying extra for something they don't want or like.
Kanzes  +   854d ago
@Nuts Yeah a little bit I think.

But if it's turn out another 180 and their removing Kinect too, I'm pretty sure they will lose some sales for those people who really wants it to be mandatory (almost all of my xbox community wants it to be mandatory to be Kinect fully supported by developers) and I think most of people who already pre-ordered the console are already aware of this restriction
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StoutBEER  +   854d ago
They did that, comes out December 2014
bviperz  +   854d ago
The major problem I have with Kinect is I can't see it's full potential being used on the newer Xbox. It's cool with all the features and stuff, but even when tied to a high-spec PC, they never ever came up with a killer game feature that worked well that made me go, "Damn, I gotta get that!", (that tank game really tanked in it's use of Kinect BTW). Dance Central was the most popular, and that's about all we have to show for last gen. So even with the higher spec'd camera, I'm highly skeptical for the this gen. And for MS to say they targeted the lower spec'd components for the XBox because their want to target a wider audience translates to Dance Central all over again. So for me, it's wait and see. Maybe, maybe when Halo comes out. But, I can totally see it coming out for the 360, seeing how Microsoft loves to make money more than anything else.
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abzdine  +   854d ago
i dont really care about the horsepower even if it's gonna benefit PS4 owners in the long run but Sony 1st party games are what console gaming is all about for me.
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lgn15  +   854d ago
Ps4 doesn't have anything near kinect capabilities. Billion dollar tech is sweet, my man.
ZodTheRipper  +   854d ago
But I'll play my AAA exclusives while you discuss the newest episode of the Halo TV show with your "gaming" console.
asmith2306  +   854d ago
Basically. After what M$ did during the reveal I can't understand why people would support their product even now with all the changes. Baffles me. I'll support Sony all the way. And I had three 360s. I'm done with M$.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   854d ago
Of wat u nooby Sony fan boy
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nosferatuzodd  +   853d ago
lol indeed to tell you the truth i cant believe Microsoft is this much of a pussy they're just running behind sonyps4 copying and mimicking damn have some dignity man
MultiConsoleGamer  +   854d ago
No they really haven't. We just did comic-con and there are still a lot of people who mistakenly believe Xbox One will block used games and game sharing. We also spoke with a ton of people who simply do not want Kinect 2.0 in their homes. MS has a big problem on their hands. They need to inform the public and do it quickly and effectively. They may also need to swallow their pride and release a version of the Xbox One without Kinect.

This consumer confusion snd resentment will hurt the momentum of the product for years to come.
Thirty3Three  +   854d ago
"Microsoft's Stopped the Xbox One Rot, But PS4 Is a Step Ahead"


Uhm... no they didn't?
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SexyGamerDude  +   854d ago
I'm glad to see Microsoft is fixing everything they did wrong. Now if they could only ask team Ninja to get started on a Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 and Konami to do a Rumble Roses 3, I might get an XBone.
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AceofStaves  +   854d ago
MS just needs to dedicate some time, and money, to clarifying the message surrounding the XB1. Tell consumers exactly what the console does, and does not, do, and then let consumers decide whether the console is a success or failure.
PIRGANEK  +   854d ago
With all of these 180s Mircosoft's been doing lately it should be called the Xbox 360 or the 180.
Bzone24  +   854d ago
That was pretty original. Come up with that yourself?
gamertk421  +   854d ago
By the disagrees it looks like there was a team of writers that came up with it, and they all are Cernykins!
Destrania  +   854d ago
It really is funny that they have reversed all this stuff out of desperation when they shouldn't have stabbed consumers and the developers in the back in the first place (and still are in many ways). Sony showed gamer and developer support from the start. They have provided and continue to provide the most creative, expansive, ambitious, varied, original and incredible gaming experiences on the market for generations. Don't be fooled into buying an X1 for any reason. M$ is still offering a far inferior gaming device for a more expensive price. That's reason enough to not buy one right now if anything else, unless I guess if you love Kinect that much, then go right ahead. I'll be playing the real games that push boundaries of what gaming is and should be. Greatness Awaits.
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Xsilvermist  +   854d ago
Well said even tho u know ur goona get disagrees for it because its the truth
Destrania  +   854d ago
Thanks, yeah I know haha.
Gamer666  +   854d ago
MS can't just "reverse" self-publishing and make every xbox into a devt kit... Anyone who understands software development knows that.

This had to be in the planning for some time. DevKits need a ton of thought, testing, and to allow that directly on every console is something that had to be designed in from the start.

Yes, it is not available on Day 1, but they said in the first year it would be... That means it had to be designed in since the start...

Show me one article where Microsoft says that X1 will not never do self-publishing.

There was no 180 here. They had this all along.
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S2Killinit  +   854d ago
um pretty much everything you said is either wrong or its far-fetched speculation. First off, if it was designed from day one, then why is it not available from the get go? (if you ask me that "could" in that sentence makes it nothing but PR talk). Secondly, they did have a policy that said the developers could not self publish. This one is all over the place, I'm sure you can find it if you look.
Gamer666  +   854d ago

Please reference the exact article where MICROSOFT stated they would never allow self publishing on X1... Yes, it is all over the place, but most of the articles are whining about a policy MS had for the entire life of the 360.

Second, there are many things designed in to the system that do not appear or are fully used in the first year... For example, the full graphical and processing capabilities don't show up in year one of the generation but they are already there. There are ports for external devices, and there is an entire set of APIs that aren't fully utilized.

You obviously no very little about software development. Anyone who knows anything about game software development knows that development tools and environments take years to create.

A perfect example of this was the PS3. The first few years of games especially on the third party side couldn't take full advantage of the system. Then, Sony responded by making better devt tools for the PS3. This took them about two years to fix. Kudos to Sony for doing so as the PS3 games improved a lot after that. But modifying the design to support the tools was something that took time.

If MS did not intend for indie self-publishing at the start, it would've taken them at least two years to re-jig the system design and put in the tools necessary for this.
Dunban67  +   854d ago
They should just call it the "Me Too Box"

They take everything Sony has done and then say "me too guys! we are doing that too! We are listening to you!"
Bzone24  +   854d ago
Yeah I know. When Sony announced that every PS4 can be used as a dev kit it was awesome news, but now that Microsoft is doing it, it just feels like they are copying Sony.

Oh, Sony never announce that? So they didn't copy that? Oh, it's just the latest talking point to try and put a negative light on the Xbox One again? Got it.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   854d ago
Bubble for you.
mananimal  +   854d ago
Nay!, Microcrook has not stopped the Xbox One Rot, Microcrook is still rotten, & will always be one of the rotten Corporate Entitys in existance.

That will NEVER CHANGE..... ............... never.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   854d ago
Just imagine if they did remove Kinect, your all mighty X1 would cost about $250 - $300 which fits the X1 tech better. With Kinect 2.0 costing nearly as much as the X1 they have to double the price which don't guarantee a profit.

christocolus  +   854d ago
I read this article and wondered why it came up just few hours after a wave of positive xbox one announcements were made. Then I checked the writers details and he decsribes himself as a PS veteran who has amassed trophies and covered the world of playstation for years. And this got me thinking he may not have been the best person to write this article? But then again its N4G anything goes..(.ps veterans write xbox articles and xbx veterans write ps articles..) That's one way to do it . The N4G way.
gamertk421  +   854d ago
Pretty sure it is one of the SPonies who spill their bile in these very comment sections.
christocolus  +   854d ago
guess what? you might be right
i8urCAKE  +   854d ago
PS4 still better. Suck my 8===D
Urusernamesucks  +   854d ago
No. And what 8=D?
gamertk421  +   854d ago
Haha, the more Sony fanboys tighten their grip, the more gamers slip through their fingers! The Cernyslags are getting so angry! Hahaha!
Cyanide85  +   854d ago
Everyone's missing the fact that MS is going to haste the production of the X1 as with the 360 that I'm sure of because MS does this with ALL it's products.

And that means that your X1 is probably going to crash within a year and in true MS fashion you will have to buy a new console because the warranty doesn't cover this.

Has everyone forgotten about what happend with the 360!?!? why would anyone trust them ever again?!

I have nothing against the console X1 but I do have major concerns about MS they are no to be trusted in my opinion, so I feel sorry for the people that is going to buy the X1.

On the other hand the PS4 is confirmed to run at 45-55 digrees celcius which will make the probability for something like the YLOD on the PS3 to happen on PS4 highly unlikely.

And of course there could be problems with the PS4 early launch consoles to but I find that risk to be highly unlikely, and that is why I'm getting the PS4 have already been guaranteed a console on launch day YAY! :-)
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alleyes  +   854d ago
The xone uses you brain with the kinetic , 2 player doubles the power. Sorry secrets out.
LiarasBoobs  +   854d ago
Why can't weee be friends, Why can't weee be friends, Why can't weee be friends, Why can't weee be friendsssssssss
S2Killinit  +   854d ago
I'm personally tired of Microsofts vague language. They think gamers are idiots.
nolifeking  +   854d ago
It is pretty much "Follow the leader" at this point. Next thing you know f2p won't be obstructed by gold.
vigilante_man  +   854d ago
Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

XB1 wants to be like PS4. Sony must have done something right then!
Thunderhawkxbox  +   854d ago
Please can any Sony fan boys show me final spec of Xbox one I'm getting pissed off with their trash talking like 13 years old Kid ( Sony fans )
Flames76  +   854d ago
You still get more bang for your buck with the Xbox One.Microsoft brought the games at E3 while Sony showed Knack.The PS4 is $400 but you get what you pay for a 10 pound paper weight

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