Microsoft's Stopped the Xbox One Rot, But PS4 Is a Step Ahead

Push Square: "Vision is a word that Microsoft likes to use a lot. "Our vision is that every person can be a creator," said corporate vice president Marc Whitten earlier today, following the platform holder’s second massive Xbox One-Eighty in as many months. Following a unanimous panning from pretty much the entirety of the development community, the Redmond-based manufacturer has now confirmed that it will allow self-publishing on the Xbox One. Well, at some point within the system’s first year on the market – it’s a vision, remember."

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MariaHelFutura1670d ago

After the all the 180's it just a more expensive less capable Ps4.

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allformats1670d ago

Oh but you're wrong. The rot still continues. It'll only die when Microsoft stop requiring Kinect as part of the Xbox One package.

Kanzes1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

As for me, who's buying the console, I really don't want Kinect become optional. I want it stays like that.. and many people in my neighbourhood, who's buying the xbox one also doesn't want it removed too

It's a great thing in my opinion, there are already cool features implemented in some games too.

Mr_Nuts1670d ago


Thats just being a little selfish though, if it's optional then everyone can enjoy it but if it stays then it means it splits the fanbase because people don't want to be forced paying extra for something they don't want or like.

Kanzes1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

@Nuts Yeah a little bit I think.

But if it's turn out another 180 and their removing Kinect too, I'm pretty sure they will lose some sales for those people who really wants it to be mandatory (almost all of my xbox community wants it to be mandatory to be Kinect fully supported by developers) and I think most of people who already pre-ordered the console are already aware of this restriction

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StoutBEER1669d ago

They did that, comes out December 2014

bviperz1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

The major problem I have with Kinect is I can't see it's full potential being used on the newer Xbox. It's cool with all the features and stuff, but even when tied to a high-spec PC, they never ever came up with a killer game feature that worked well that made me go, "Damn, I gotta get that!", (that tank game really tanked in it's use of Kinect BTW). Dance Central was the most popular, and that's about all we have to show for last gen. So even with the higher spec'd camera, I'm highly skeptical for the this gen. And for MS to say they targeted the lower spec'd components for the XBox because their want to target a wider audience translates to Dance Central all over again. So for me, it's wait and see. Maybe, maybe when Halo comes out. But, I can totally see it coming out for the 360, seeing how Microsoft loves to make money more than anything else.

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abzdine1670d ago

i dont really care about the horsepower even if it's gonna benefit PS4 owners in the long run but Sony 1st party games are what console gaming is all about for me.

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lgn151670d ago

Ps4 doesn't have anything near kinect capabilities. Billion dollar tech is sweet, my man.

ZodTheRipper1670d ago

But I'll play my AAA exclusives while you discuss the newest episode of the Halo TV show with your "gaming" console.

asmith23061669d ago

Basically. After what M$ did during the reveal I can't understand why people would support their product even now with all the changes. Baffles me. I'll support Sony all the way. And I had three 360s. I'm done with M$.

Thunderhawkxbox1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Of wat u nooby Sony fan boy

nosferatuzodd1669d ago

lol indeed to tell you the truth i cant believe Microsoft is this much of a pussy they're just running behind sonyps4 copying and mimicking damn have some dignity man

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MultiConsoleGamer1670d ago

No they really haven't. We just did comic-con and there are still a lot of people who mistakenly believe Xbox One will block used games and game sharing. We also spoke with a ton of people who simply do not want Kinect 2.0 in their homes. MS has a big problem on their hands. They need to inform the public and do it quickly and effectively. They may also need to swallow their pride and release a version of the Xbox One without Kinect.

This consumer confusion snd resentment will hurt the momentum of the product for years to come.

Thirty3Three1670d ago

"Microsoft's Stopped the Xbox One Rot, But PS4 Is a Step Ahead"


Uhm... no they didn't?

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