Titanfall certainly looks awesome, but you’ll get bored of it in no time

Respawn Entertainment's first IP, Titanfall, is bound to set the multiplayer world ablaze with fast-paced on-foot action and massively powerful mech shooting.

But it won't last, that's a promise.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I agree its just a typical fps nothing really exciting about it imo especially since its up against BF4. Titanfall wont really excite seasoned gamers for long we have seen it all before. I will try it on a steam sale sometime when its <20

The_Infected1486d ago

Yea like CoD is the same boring game but everyone plays it all the time.

cyberninja1485d ago

By everybody you mean casual gamers and dudebros pew pew gamers. Cod gamers are casual gamers, all they do is play 1-3 games per year.

u got owned1485d ago


So i guess all the COD pros are also casuals.

Tctczach1485d ago

@Cyberninja I'm a COD player and I have a huge list of games.

n4rc1485d ago

I love the arrogance.. You "hardcore" gamers are such a vast minority that you literally don't matter.

I'm in that group as well.. But its a fact.. We may buy the first few hundred thousand units.. But who do you think buys the other 75 million units? Or why cod has the highest player pool.

PeaSFor1485d ago

@u got owned

so..... "pro gamers" rely on higly aim assisted gameplay now?

damn, the poor "pro gamers" playing COD would have been raped inside out on Quake3 and UT.

AngelicIceDiamond1485d ago

Sounds like the writer has a time machine hes holding out on us.

ShinMaster1485d ago

Titanfall is a lot like COD with a little bit of Starhawk on the side.

Nothing I haven't seen before.

Sleepless1485d ago

So COD its now a casual game? better get some sleep dude!

Murad1485d ago

I've never touched a single CoD game since Modern Warfare; want to know why? Because there's better games out there. Battlefield 3 on the other hand isn't any better either.

Kleptic1485d ago

I won't under-estimate titanfall...I haven't been blown away by it yet, but haven't seen much either...

but everyone taking the critical standpoint...can gtfo...I bet if every person in here was asked what they were doing in late 2007, game was playing cod 4...the original MW was before it was 'cool' to hate CoD...I, too, got completely tired of it...and nothing innovative enough has been added to the franchise since...but no joke, cod4 was a pretty big deal...

CoD popularity is very straight has the smallest barrier to entry of any competitive shooter...but, for a lot of us, that ease of entry also removes depth...hopefully titanfall can fix that...

GraveLord1485d ago

Opinions are like buttholes. Everyone has one.
Thinking yours is better than others is incredibly naive and amusing.

I don't like Battlefield. You don't see me going around trolling on every BF4 news article. GROW UP. This BF vs COD thing has always been ridiculous. It's like comparing apples to oranges.

Apples are easier to eat and require no peeling.
Oranges require a bit more work on your part but they are also delicious.

Just because you like one, its doesn't mean you can't like the other. It also doesn't mean you have to tell everyone how the Apple doesn't have enough juices. We don't care.

YNWA961485d ago

Everyone an expert on something they have not played... nice...

Ragthorn1485d ago

I agree, the amount of aim assist is just so huge when playing console CoD. I play it on PC now, and there is no aim assist whatsoever, but it made me feel much more satisfied for a kill with no hand-holding. I recently went back and play Unreal Tournament 2004. and Quake Live, THOSE ARE EXTREMELY FUN, and I've seen some pro players there, they are a whole different beast lol.

Utalkin2me1485d ago


Or you mean Quake3 and UT players would get raped at pro COD players? The same can be said. I played on a competitive Quake 3 team for a while in OGL and such, staying in the top 5 for the most part.

Comparing a mouse and keyboard player to a controller is just stupid IMO. Keyboard and mouse player has such a bigger advantage and easier to use it's not even funny.

Heartnet1485d ago


why are u trying to downplay the casual gamer? nothign wrong with that lol....

ur not "coooler" than some1 who plays 3 or some1 who plays 3+ a year...

hell ive played 3 games this year but the combined hours put into them is probz twice yours :L its not cool and nothing to boast about...

and everybody is the casual gamer market as they out weigh the hardcore by a vast majority

redwin1485d ago

Mmmm, my friends and I still play "counter strike " on Xbox. Old, only a versus mode on and off line. It's one of the best games I've ever played "good" is subjective !

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j-blaze1486d ago ShowReplies(4)
kenmid1485d ago

How is TitanFall up against battlefield, Battlefield is a launch title and we don't when Titanfall is coming out?

xReDeMpTiOnx1485d ago

@heavenly snipes

I <3 you for saying that

biRdy1485d ago

Plus the fact that they are both from the same publisher.

showtimefolks1485d ago

for me it was between Titanfall and Destiny and Destiny won me over

joe901485d ago ShowReplies(4)
showtimefolks1485d ago

Like take-Two RS said when they announced Agent as exclusive to ps3, their exact words were when you are launching a new IP it can be good if you are exclusive to one console because you will get more fan attention and media attention with word exclusive

right now ps4 fans are bashing it and xbox one fans are saying they love titanfall while both have not played the game, how many of those ps4 fans would hate it if it was coming day one to ps4?(i still believe its a 6-12 months timed exclusive). also how many xbox one fans would say its awesome and can't wait if it was coming to ps4 too?

gaming community is very weird now a days, fanboys get some joy of the fact if something is exclusive

MonChiChi1485d ago

It's coming to PC so I couldn't care less.

Scatpants1485d ago

Im getting a PS4 and I think Titanfall looks cool. Ill probably get the bone when it comes out

CrossingEden1485d ago

i've seen you defending killzone shadowfall, which is doing absolutely nothing new

fourOeightshark1483d ago

They showed off Killzone Shadowfall MP gameplay already?

zerocrossing1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Speaking as huge mech nerd I'm pretty sure I'd get my moneys worth at least. I'd much rather games that offer something new like Titanfall be developed instead of just the annual slew of tired, generic modern FPS's.

T21485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I agree but even kz3 has mechs ... They still have to be done well or its no more fun than say a cool looking tank
Why cant they just make a new , great "mechwarrior " lol

lastofgen1485d ago in the world would you know if it will excite gamers or not?

Surely if it was coming to the ps4 exclusively you'd be excited for it, no??

Hufandpuf1485d ago

"Exampling Call of Duty once more, how many players who religiously play online against others took the time to explore other game modes, including the single player and cooperative campaigns? A safe guess would be upwards of 90% of players, which seems generous, but when you’re shelling out $60 and tax for a game, why wouldn’t you want to get your money’s worth and explore all your options?"

NOT TRUE. Titanfal has a singleplayer component that blends the multiplayer. And saying 90% of COD players play singleplayer is 100% false.

only 18% of people even beat COD black OPs, and 17% beat BF3

kreate1485d ago

u havent even tried it yet lol

asmith23061485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I'm not getting an X1 because f**k M$, but I hope this makes it to PS4 some day. I wouldn't mind playing it, looks good.

k2d1485d ago

Seems you're only speaking for half of the general populaton, eh?