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Submitted by Sidology 926d ago | opinion piece

Titanfall certainly looks awesome, but you’ll get bored of it in no time

Respawn Entertainment's first IP, Titanfall, is bound to set the multiplayer world ablaze with fast-paced on-foot action and massively powerful mech shooting.

But it won't last, that's a promise. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   926d ago
I agree its just a typical fps nothing really exciting about it imo especially since its up against BF4. Titanfall wont really excite seasoned gamers for long we have seen it all before. I will try it on a steam sale sometime when its <20
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The_Infected  +   926d ago
Yea like CoD is the same boring game but everyone plays it all the time.
cyberninja  +   926d ago
By everybody you mean casual gamers and dudebros pew pew gamers. Cod gamers are casual gamers, all they do is play 1-3 games per year.
u got owned  +   926d ago

So i guess all the COD pros are also casuals.
Tctczach  +   926d ago
@Cyberninja I'm a COD player and I have a huge list of games.
n4rc  +   926d ago
I love the arrogance.. You "hardcore" gamers are such a vast minority that you literally don't matter.

I'm in that group as well.. But its a fact.. We may buy the first few hundred thousand units.. But who do you think buys the other 75 million units? Or why cod has the highest player pool.
PeaSFor  +   926d ago
@u got owned

so..... "pro gamers" rely on higly aim assisted gameplay now?

damn, the poor "pro gamers" playing COD would have been raped inside out on Quake3 and UT.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   926d ago
Sounds like the writer has a time machine hes holding out on us.
ShinMaster  +   926d ago
Titanfall is a lot like COD with a little bit of Starhawk on the side.

Nothing I haven't seen before.
Sleepless  +   926d ago
So COD its now a casual game? better get some sleep dude!
Murad  +   926d ago
I've never touched a single CoD game since Modern Warfare; want to know why? Because there's better games out there. Battlefield 3 on the other hand isn't any better either.
Kleptic  +   926d ago
I won't under-estimate titanfall...I haven't been blown away by it yet, but haven't seen much either...

but everyone taking the critical standpoint...can gtfo...I bet if every person in here was asked what they were doing in late 2007, game was playing cod 4...the original MW was before it was 'cool' to hate CoD...I, too, got completely tired of it...and nothing innovative enough has been added to the franchise since...but no joke, cod4 was a pretty big deal...

CoD popularity is very straight has the smallest barrier to entry of any competitive shooter...but, for a lot of us, that ease of entry also removes depth...hopefully titanfall can fix that...
GraveLord  +   926d ago
Opinions are like buttholes. Everyone has one.
Thinking yours is better than others is incredibly naive and amusing.

I don't like Battlefield. You don't see me going around trolling on every BF4 news article. GROW UP. This BF vs COD thing has always been ridiculous. It's like comparing apples to oranges.

Apples are easier to eat and require no peeling.
Oranges require a bit more work on your part but they are also delicious.

Just because you like one, its doesn't mean you can't like the other. It also doesn't mean you have to tell everyone how the Apple doesn't have enough juices. We don't care.
YNWA96  +   926d ago
Everyone an expert on something they have not played... nice...
Ragthorn  +   926d ago
I agree, the amount of aim assist is just so huge when playing console CoD. I play it on PC now, and there is no aim assist whatsoever, but it made me feel much more satisfied for a kill with no hand-holding. I recently went back and play Unreal Tournament 2004. and Quake Live, THOSE ARE EXTREMELY FUN, and I've seen some pro players there, they are a whole different beast lol.
Utalkin2me  +   926d ago

Or you mean Quake3 and UT players would get raped at pro COD players? The same can be said. I played on a competitive Quake 3 team for a while in OGL and such, staying in the top 5 for the most part.

Comparing a mouse and keyboard player to a controller is just stupid IMO. Keyboard and mouse player has such a bigger advantage and easier to use it's not even funny.
Heartnet  +   926d ago

why are u trying to downplay the casual gamer? nothign wrong with that lol....

ur not "coooler" than some1 who plays 3 or some1 who plays 3+ a year...

hell ive played 3 games this year but the combined hours put into them is probz twice yours :L its not cool and nothing to boast about...

and everybody is the casual gamer market as they out weigh the hardcore by a vast majority
redwin  +   926d ago
Mmmm, my friends and I still play "counter strike " on Xbox. Old, only a versus mode on and off line. It's one of the best games I've ever played "good" is subjective !
j-blaze   926d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
kenmid  +   926d ago
How is TitanFall up against battlefield, Battlefield is a launch title and we don't when Titanfall is coming out?
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   926d ago
@heavenly snipes

I <3 you for saying that
biRdy  +   925d ago
Plus the fact that they are both from the same publisher.
showtimefolks  +   926d ago
for me it was between Titanfall and Destiny and Destiny won me over
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showtimefolks  +   926d ago
Like take-Two RS said when they announced Agent as exclusive to ps3, their exact words were when you are launching a new IP it can be good if you are exclusive to one console because you will get more fan attention and media attention with word exclusive

right now ps4 fans are bashing it and xbox one fans are saying they love titanfall while both have not played the game, how many of those ps4 fans would hate it if it was coming day one to ps4?(i still believe its a 6-12 months timed exclusive). also how many xbox one fans would say its awesome and can't wait if it was coming to ps4 too?

gaming community is very weird now a days, fanboys get some joy of the fact if something is exclusive
MonChiChi  +   926d ago
It's coming to PC so I couldn't care less.
Scatpants  +   926d ago
Im getting a PS4 and I think Titanfall looks cool. Ill probably get the bone when it comes out
CrossingEden  +   926d ago
i've seen you defending killzone shadowfall, which is doing absolutely nothing new
fourOeightshark  +   923d ago
They showed off Killzone Shadowfall MP gameplay already?
zerocrossing  +   926d ago
Speaking as huge mech nerd I'm pretty sure I'd get my moneys worth at least. I'd much rather games that offer something new like Titanfall be developed instead of just the annual slew of tired, generic modern FPS's.
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T2  +   926d ago
I agree but even kz3 has mechs ... They still have to be done well or its no more fun than say a cool looking tank
Why cant they just make a new , great "mechwarrior " lol
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lastofgen  +   926d ago in the world would you know if it will excite gamers or not?

Surely if it was coming to the ps4 exclusively you'd be excited for it, no??
Hufandpuf  +   926d ago
"Exampling Call of Duty once more, how many players who religiously play online against others took the time to explore other game modes, including the single player and cooperative campaigns? A safe guess would be upwards of 90% of players, which seems generous, but when you’re shelling out $60 and tax for a game, why wouldn’t you want to get your money’s worth and explore all your options?"

NOT TRUE. Titanfal has a singleplayer component that blends the multiplayer. And saying 90% of COD players play singleplayer is 100% false.

only 18% of people even beat COD black OPs, and 17% beat BF3
kreate  +   926d ago
u havent even tried it yet lol
asmith2306  +   926d ago
I'm not getting an X1 because f**k M$, but I hope this makes it to PS4 some day. I wouldn't mind playing it, looks good.
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k2d  +   926d ago
Seems you're only speaking for half of the general populaton, eh?
strifeblade  +   926d ago
well sony gamers would hope so because if it does not get boring in one hour than sony gamers would be missing out on the time of their lives lol
quaneylfc  +   926d ago
and bf4 is anything new? well done you certainly haven't played any others then, think about the parkour, the man and robot amalgamation and the addictiveness of vince zampella's last games, bf4 is going to be a bigger version of the last one with an equally crap and lazy story mode and shiny shiny graphics, i like titanfall because it actually IS different and im not even buying it, i just like it.

i think mirrors edge is the only fp game that has shown any kind of creativity in the past few years, with the inclusion of the free running stuff, everything else has been a cod or bf ripoff
malokevi  +   926d ago
"with some players being drawn to a single player experience (like yours truly)"

This is where the article falls flat on its face. This is a person that is clear in his perspective, that single player is the most important draw in a game.

"It comes down to the idea that a multiplayer-only game has no lasting appeal in the grand scheme of things."

Oh, really? Because it seems like all the FPS titles see their player base play multiplayer for months and even years after release. Can the same be said of Singleplayer? does anyone even play singleplayer? Did the author even bother to look for evidence when he said:

"how many players who religiously play online against others took the time to explore other game modes, including the single player and cooperative campaigns? A safe guess would be upwards of 90% of players"

Well, it took me two seconds:

I'm not saying he's wrong.... but he's wrong. It doesn't take a genius to see that. Anyone who plays first person shooters, and actually plays them online, knows how massive and fanatical the player base is. Can the same be said of single-player focused gamers? How many times can they finish a linear campaign before they are sick of it?

"even though in the end it feels just like the same kart pushing game you’ve known and loved throughout the years."

And... single player is somehow more "fresh" than multiplayer?

As far as articles go, this one sucks. Looks like the author wrote this just to poke the bear, because how in their right mind could anybody agree with what hes saying?

His other reason: Titanfall isn't COMMERCIAL enough? lol. Beanie Babies? Who is this guy kidding? Were talking about a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER! my lord!

A hard sell? How about E3 game of show, and the fact that gamers are currently swooning over it? I guess that's just... nothing?

uhg. ridiculous. " was clearly looking for some attention.
JeffGUNZ  +   926d ago
Half of you are the biggest nerds ever. The fact that some of you think you're "cooler" because you classify yourself as a "hardcore gamer" just really makes you a "hardcore" nerd. People have different preferences. Everyone doesn't have the same life/circumstances as others and only can play here and there. Who cares if they enjoy COD or not? I have maxed out presteige in Black Ops 2 and am also playing The Last of Us and Alan Wake and other games other then COD. Stop making gamers look bad by bragging you're more nerdy then the rest of us. It's sickening. Gaming is suppose to be fun and to ones interest and half you morons try to ruin it for others.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   926d ago
If this was a PS4 only game, this article would never exist. This guy would be praising the game hard.
JsonHenry  +   926d ago
I personally thought the game looked fun but when compared the likes of other games shown (The Division or Destiny for example) I thought the same thing- that it would get boring fairly quickly.
PurpHerbison  +   926d ago
I sound like a broken record by now but this game is your typical FPS and the only thing that makes it different is the Mech HUD they slap on. Even then, when inside the mech it still looks like a typical FPS.
Godz Kastro  +   926d ago
Is there a video game hierarchy I am unaware of? Its crazy that console guys get mad when PC elitist look down on them. However console guys look down on dudebros and casuals as if they dont count...pathetic
Brasi1989  +   926d ago
You'll probably never see this game on a Steam sale as it's published by EA. =/
Megaton  +   926d ago
It probably won't even be on Steam. EA. Origin.
MariaHelFutura  +   926d ago
It looks like COD w/ mechs and no fish A.I. The direct feed Xbox one screens look bad, like 360 bad. E3 was the Nvidia version.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   926d ago
@Maria But your forgetting teh cloud which will make it look waaaaay better than the pc version .. damn my i7 and gtx680 lightning cant compete with the cloud ... and the best thing is EVERYONE will be able to use the cloud to the maximum even people with bad internet and no internet. Bring on teh clowd

@infected .. your the one trolling.
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PIRGANEK  +   926d ago
I wish this "site" would post some relevant things, not just everything Microshaft and Shoddy is doing. I've been viewing the comments from afar and your comment irritated me.. This Microshaft "cloud" boosting graphics and performance myth sh*t was busted about a week ago. The cloud cannot be used to boost game performance due to peoples current Internet connectivity speeds and terrible latency. -__- instead of telling people the right information this site relies view click bait, misleading titles and things to fuel this imaginary "console war".
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awi5951  +   926d ago
Onlive has proven cloud gaming works so take your snark elsewhere.
MasterCornholio  +   926d ago

Onlive is a streaming service......

Motorola RAZR i
awi5951  +   922d ago

It works on the same principle onlive is a harder method since you are playing the whole game online just not grahics&AI.
The_Infected  +   926d ago

We all know If its not Playstation you hate it, it's stupid, or it's trash.
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nick309  +   926d ago
I want to see her reaction if it was a ps4 exclusive.
MariaHelFutura  +   926d ago
When it comes to the Ps4, I won't be buying it.

Don't try to insult me after trying to add me on FB to "see me".

The_Infected2d ago Block

Just curious do you have a Facebook?

MariaHelFutura2d ago Edit | Delete
Re: Hey
No, sorry.

The_Infected2d ago Block
Re: Hey
Ugh...I wanted to see the playstation girl lol
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JackStraw  +   926d ago
psyxon  +   926d ago
hahahaha. thirsty.
MonChiChi  +   926d ago
Hahaha busted!
The_Infected  +   926d ago

Yea I wanted to see you because sometimes you just wanna see the person who annoys the hell out of you. Lol :)
JackStraw  +   926d ago
no. you wanted to see her cause you wanted to frick her!
MidnytRain  +   926d ago
j-blaze  +   926d ago
@ Maria

it's disgusting to see a girl "if you're really a girl" doing what you're doing in the comment section...the game plays like CoD maybe but in much better and innovative way
#2.3 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(26) | Report | Reply
Eiffel  +   926d ago
It's disgusting that you have predefined standards of what a woman should do in your own perspective. What's it matter what gender this person is, trolling is trolling.
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Skips  +   926d ago
"the game plays like CoD maybe but in much better and innovative way"

Why? Because it has mechs??? LOL!

You're comment above:
""its just a typical fps"

we are not talking about Killzone here aren't we?"

LMFAO! It's funny because Killzone 3 already had mechs in MP, and so do many other games. XD Don't see the innovation in Titan Fall at all really.

Because it basically IS just COD with mechs. -_-
#2.3.2 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report
nick309  +   926d ago
We already know how you look like , quite obvious.
#2.4 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Hercules189  +   926d ago
We do not know what stage they are at. Those could be at 20%, Just like Driveclub is at 35%.
davidj88  +   926d ago
I must admit the ''It looks like COD w/ mechs and no fish A.I.'' made me chuckle.

I actually think Titanfall will turn out to be somewhat of a decent game, the mechs however seem a bit too gimmicky in my opinion as without them it would be referred to as another COD with free-running and jet packs so they are almost using them to distance themselves from COD.

I think it does have some potential to be a good multiplayer game but without hands-on or more in depth footage we can't really tell just yet, gimmick or not it's something different and sometimes different turns out to be good.
Urusernamesucks  +   926d ago
Cod with mechs is not even close to describing this game.
PFFT  +   926d ago
YAWN! Sad sad little Sony creature.
Ragthorn  +   926d ago
To me it looks like <insert a fast-paced mech game> + CoD + Brink = Titanfall. It looks fun to me, and I will be playing it on PC most likely.
Ashunderfire86  +   926d ago
I don't care what this guy says in the article. Titanfall will be an instant system seller, along with 360/PC. Yeah it's a multiplayer only game, but look at the majority of people playing multiplayer games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Halo, Counter Strike, and many others in the past and now. All those games including old classics like Goldeneye, had lasting appeal to this day.

Titanfall need I remind you all, will be one of the first games to truly demonstrate the cloud on X1, and yes the game will be constantly updated like Destiny, which is going to try to do the same thing. Right now I currently have PS4 preordered, but I will get X1 next year when Titanfall or Quantum Break releases.
thekhurg  +   926d ago
Dedicated servers! Watch out the cloud is coming!
memots  +   926d ago
^^ this

You do realize that dedicated server has been happening on pc forever right ? Even our good old friend ps3 has most game on dedicated server. So quit this cloud b.s thinking it will be soooooo much better than pc .

The cloud = nothing until they do more than dedicated server
Cuzzo63  +   926d ago
Yep I agree. It will sell shit loads. I play COD. Despite all the hate. I love it. Lile you im a gamer first. Even tho im Sony all the way, ot didnt stop me from playing Halo, Gears, and Bioshock when it was exclusive. Did really like Gears tho but my sister loves it.
Aleithian  +   926d ago
That's precisely what I thought when I saw it. Has some interesting features but ultimately won't satisfy me.
prodg52  +   926d ago
That's what she said! (had to do it)
Aleithian  +   926d ago
Crazay  +   926d ago
Truth be told, I get bored of most games after about 20hrs of game play. Especially FPS games(with exception for Left 4 Dead 1 and 2). The only ones that can hold my attention for months or even years are the really big open world RPGs like Fallout 3/New Vegas/Skyrim or GTA.
B-radical  +   926d ago
There you have it folks titanfall wont be fun after a while now ps4 fans dont have to worry about getting this boring game
Len  +   926d ago
Thank God! I hope PS4 gets more RPG's and less snooze fest games like Titanfall and CoD.
BattleTorn  +   926d ago
It will be boring until it releases on PS4 with all the DLC and patches included...

TheRealHeisenberg  +   926d ago
Lol, funny how that works.
T2  +   926d ago
Im more into b4 and destiny but we will see .... Could be a 10 who knows
HeyYouGuyz  +   926d ago
To be honest I thought it looked pretty gay to begin with. Xbox has never had any exclusives that really grab me, 360 or One. PlayStation had better, and more, exclusives last gen, and it looks like the same trend will continue this gen.....
Crazay  +   926d ago
"...looked pretty gay..."? what are you 8yrs old? grow up and find a better analogy.
HeyYouGuyz  +   926d ago
Grow up and find a better profile pic. It's a perfectly fine descriptive word.
thekhurg  +   926d ago
Says boob avatar person.
Dlacy13g  +   926d ago
LOL... the funny part is about you saying it looked "Gay" and it being a perfectly fine descriptive word.

Definitions of Gay:
a : happily excited : merry <in a gay mood>
b : keenly alive and exuberant : having or inducing high spirits <a bird's gay spring song>
c : bright, lively <gay sunny meadows>
d : brilliant in color
e : homosexual <gay men>

So since TitanFall can't be a person as in a homosexual man..I guess you thought it looked "keenly alive and exuberant"....which I would agree.... TitanFall does look really fun. ;)
BattleTorn  +   926d ago
Well said Dlacy13g
jeffgoldwin  +   926d ago

That's because your what we refer to as a brain washed fanboy. Can happen on either side, but nonetheless no matter how fun the game looks, once the brain washing techniques set into the weak minded, nothing will ever look good to you people.
#7.2 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TheRealHeisenberg  +   926d ago
Well said jeff.
Hicken  +   926d ago
Well, well, if it isn't the fanboy who doesn't know he's a fanboy. How ya doin, jeff?

If there was any one game that would make me want an XB1, TitanFall is that game. But it's not enough all on its own, nor do I need the XB1 to play it. And yes, it IS likely that it'll make its way to PS4 eventually, anyway, so I could always wait.

Is there something fanboy-like in my comment? I'm sure you could dig something up, somewhere.
jeffgoldwin  +   925d ago

Hiya Hicks! Ya dude you should know your a fanboy for calling others who are neutral and fapping constantly to anything that's pro-sony. It's a sickness you should seek help with that. But we all know your too arrogant to ever seek help.

Well back to having you on ignore for while until I need to amuse me with your two-faced ignorance. I mean it is very amazing to see someone like you fail so much and yet be so cocky (but only in small doses, hence ignore for while until I need you to further amuse me).
Crazay  +   926d ago
"gay" is far from being a "good descriptive word" for how something looks. "Cookie cutter", "boring" hell, I think people could even support "shitty" in some cases (I'm not in that camp mind you).

Knucklehead is what I would call a good descriptive word for you though. A little tame but it drives the point home pretty effectively.

Find a better profile pic? LOL just because you haven't seen a pair like them up close since you were breastfed as an infant doesn't mean you have to get sad.
JeffGUNZ  +   926d ago
I heard he is still breastfeeding.
memots  +   926d ago
Looking for hits much?
Salooh  +   926d ago
This game looks refreshing when you compare it to call of duty so i'm looking forward to it . Hope it release next year..
WeAreLegion  +   926d ago
I hope Titanfall has a good audience. It would bode well for future multi-player only games. I wish Starhawk and MAG had sold well, too. :/ Such amazing games.

Seriously though, Titanfall is probably going to sell well. I can't wait to play it!
kewlkat007  +   926d ago
" I wish Starhawk and MAG had sold well, too. :/ Such amazing games. "

They were on the wrong console/community..

Just saying. Think about it.
WeAreLegion  +   926d ago
I don't think so. Shadowrun didn't do very well on the 360, either.

MAG may have done well on PC, but Starhawk probably would have been largely forgotten, despite the innovations.

Now we have Planetside 2, so MAG is basically irrelevant. Still, I'd love to see a remake or MAG 2 on PS4 that is F2P.

Perhaps MAG should have been F2P to begin with.
Tctczach  +   926d ago
At least this comes from an accredited site like
(Lots of sarcasm)
#11 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Gamer666  +   925d ago
Yep, one person says it and publishes it as a news article...

It must be true and apply to everyone on the planet!

(Lots more sarcasm)
gdguide  +   926d ago
Huh? This game looks like a BLAST!
JeffGUNZ  +   926d ago
Exactly. Plus, look who created this game. These are the people who made COD4 and made COD a monster. I have no hesitation this game will be addicting.
Harmonizer  +   926d ago
If i had 60 bucks only, my money would be on BF 4 this fall. Titanfall honestly looks like the kind of game that is cool for 10-20 hours and then you never touch it again.

A mech just doesn't compare to a huge falling scyscraper.
Dlacy13g  +   926d ago
LOL... wow... "you will get bored I promise". Well I suppose eventually all games get boring..hence why we want new ones.

Despite the truth of all games will eventually get boring if you play them long enough. This article is just a stab in the dark by someone looking to generate site hits. I could say the EXACT same thing about Destiny, Killzone, Infamous, Uncharted, Halo, COD, Battlefield, Forza, Madden, Fifa... I think you get the point.

This troll just picked a title he knew was popular and threw it up as the bait.
jukins  +   926d ago
Well it is basically sci fi cod on steroids
mochachino  +   926d ago
Most FPS online player vs player MP looks lacking compared to BF imo. BF is just crazy. The rest looks like variations of COD.
T2  +   926d ago
So far id agree the mayhem in bf has been hard to top
SpitFireAce85  +   926d ago
I hope all the new Ips do well the more the marrier..on the other hand some games need to take a break...CoD,AC,to name a few..
jairusmonillas  +   926d ago
It's going to flop big time cause it's exclusive to xbox one who is getting destroyed by ps4.

games like Destiny, Battlefield 4, Cod Ghost will be the big dogs. Titanfall's being exclusive to the wrong system will be its downfall. They thought xbox one would repeat 360's success easily they are wrong this time.
Dlacy13g  +   926d ago
If its a good game...its gonna sell regardless of what you may think. It may not do COD numbers, it may not do BF numbers...but I will put money down it sells better than Killzone Shadow Fall. You forget..its coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The game will do just fine.
staticdash22  +   926d ago
Really? Have you seen Killzone Shadow Fall's pre order numbers? I have and it's pretty damn impressive. Its the highest selling Next Gen exclusive game

And yes I know about VGchartz. I'm putting this here while I try to find another site, but the numbers must not be too far off.
#18.1.1 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(7) | Report
jairusmonillas  +   926d ago
cod numbers? lol COD are always multiplatforms plus not every COD fans will get xbox one thus leaving titanfall nothing.
mwjw696  +   926d ago

Whats your point its below all COD's, BF, and Watchdogs. Hell its below The last guardian a game that does not even have a date set yet...
Geezus  +   926d ago
duh doesn't every game get boring after a while!? for example i loved bf3 muliplayer and i played it alot even bought premium for the extra map packs and what not but i havent played it over a 2 months cuz guess what it gets boring after playing it for so long...
samekratos  +   926d ago
f'k u haters
6DEAD6END6  +   926d ago
I can't wait to get this on the PS4, holiday 2014 or March 2015 is my guess.
JeffGUNZ  +   926d ago
Hey Silvia Brown, please tell me more fortunes of the future.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   926d ago
Embarrassing agenda piece. Top of the front page on n4g.
kewlkat007  +   926d ago
Funantic1  +   926d ago
You can obviously see this is radical Sony fanboy that's trying to downplay Titanfall because it's the most desired game out of all the next gen games. It's a humorous weak tactic that you can see 10 miles away. Titanfall didn't win 6 awards because it became boring fast while playing. All I've heard was that this game was truly amazing. And that's just from the demo. Wait until we get the whole game with real competitive players playing online with ranked up weapons, various mechs, and multiple maps. He already had it made up in his mind that he was going to hate the game regardless. Also when he said this "It comes down to the idea that a multiplayer-only game has no lasting appeal in the grand scheme of things" he lost all credibility. Multiplayer is where the replay value is at. Playing the story mode over and over again, now that's boring. The author must think his opinion is God's word set in stone. His biased article...well I got bored of it in no time. "Save" your opinion for someone who cares and "continue" trying to be relevant.
quenomamen  +   926d ago
Most desired by 14 year old COD playing kids hooked on Energy Drinks.
DevilishSix  +   926d ago
Funantic1 I disagree that Titanfall was the most diserable out of the next gen games. I have a feeling a little game called Destiny is going to be far superior in content and story.

Also saying playing story mode over and over is boring but give a pass to playing the same multiplayer matches over and over doesn't get boring is short sighted. What usually gives multiplayer replay value is the leveling system used and progressive ranking systems. So we will have to see what is planned in that area for Titanfall.

At the end of the day I think lack of meaty content will be Titanfalls undoing, that and the nickel and diming EA has become known for.
#23.2 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
dcj0524  +   926d ago
Counter-Strike anyone?
Funantic1  +   926d ago
@ Devilishsix If Titanfall was on both consoles it would smother Destiny. But Destiny does have the advantage only because it's multiplatform. Destiny will sell well. There's always been exclusive games on the opposing console that made people say "I wish that game was available on my system". Xbox fans might have wanted Uncharted, GOW, or The Last Of Us. PS fans might have wanted Alan Wake, Left 4 Dead, Gears Of War, or Halo. When I said Titanfall is the most desired next gen game, that's the one game that most people want on their console. If Xbox fans had to choice between Destiny or Titanfall, then Titanfall would be the prefered choice. X1 fans would just settle without Destiny because they have the Halo series.
#23.2.2 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
T2  +   926d ago
You dont still believe that EA wont port Titanfall to ps4 do you?
DevilishSix  +   925d ago

Titanfall is not some ip owned by Microsoft for Xbox fanboys to go to war with. It is on PC as well and its EA at best it will be timed exclusive. Surely gamers haven't forgotten what happened with MAss Effect? Titanfall will be playable on other platforms and probably on PS4 6 to 12 months after its launch. So whats the big deal anyway.
Funantic1  +   925d ago
That's not confirmed...just wishful thinking by people who want it on the PS4. That only confirms that Titanfall is the most desired game of the next gen. If Titanfall does comes to PS4 then it'll hurt Destiny most definitely. Destiny's destiny would be filled with uncertainty being as promising as Crysis was. PS4 users maybe just maybe could see Titanfall at the end of 2015 because it comes out late June 2014 on the X1 and is a one year time exclusive.
#23.4.1 (Edited 925d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
DevilishSix  +   925d ago
Wow pitting a Jason Westless Respawn against Bungie, mighty bold words and based off both gameplays shown so far, you be wrong. Destiny looks better, but doesn't hurt to dream.
Master-H  +   926d ago
I dont agree with the article , the game getting boring because it only has multiplayer regardless of it's quality depends on each player's preferences , if he generally likes single player or co op a lot more than multiplayer (like the author) he might get bored of it ,if not he won't get bored of it until a few months or a year at least.
Otherwise a lot of good multiplayer-only games would have been *one trick ponies* like the Counter Strike series for instance.
Anyway, i like Titanfall, i would love to support Respawn Entertainment because they have the minds behind COD4, my favorite FPS. and i will buy it if it comes to the Ps4 or Ps3 and has split screen.
#24 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
xjatsx  +   926d ago
ive played this game b4 Kill Zone 3

check vid 1.45 titanfall characterz faces and walk look freaky

and its only multiplayer no single player camapign.
Supermax  +   926d ago
Yea and cod halo gears battlefield there multiplayer gets boreing yea right
quenomamen  +   926d ago
I see the Real Infinity Ward ( Respawn) is back on their A game. Keep up the good work fellas...
#27 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
slampunk  +   926d ago
A no name game journalist searching for hits if ever i've seen one.....
ame22  +   926d ago
And so does every multiplayer. It's just a hard fact.
toymachinesh  +   926d ago
OP hates Parkour
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